Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I've been tagged . . .

This will be interesting. I was tagged for this random post by Jenn.

7 random things about myself. Ok, random, not unknown by other people.

1) I have double jointed elbows. My husband gets grossed out when I stretch my arms out.

2) I got my hair cut today. It had been three months since it was cut and before that it had been six months between cuts. I'm busy!

3) I love it when it rains. I really like all kinds of weather as long as it doesn't stay one way too long!

4) I love to sing. I gave up teaching voice lessons when I had my baby. I wish I were doing something but I don't want it to take away from family time.

5) I have stuck to my shopping goal so far this year and haven't purchased any new clothes since May! I am hoping to make it until next May (underwear, swimming suits, and gifts are allowed).

6) I love to organize and clean but I rarely have a clean or organized house or car. I wonder what that says about me. I guess it's that I'm not a perfectionist!

7) I love any kind of online or digital communication or networking (facebook, my space, blogging, email, etc). I just have to be introduced to it by someone else and then I take off. It's been almost 4 years ago that my sister introduced me to blogging!

I tag

Laura, Ari, Anna, Kayla, Jennifer (I think you've been tagged already though), Amber

Sorry, only 6. I don't know who all reads my blog and has a blog of their own! I need more people to follow me! :)


Jenn said...

Awesome! I'm impressed that you responded to the tag so quickly! I didn't exactly follow the rules to well, but thanks for playing along. =)

Enjoyed reading your randomness. =)

Arielle said...

Well, I'll try to figure it out. My blog is thecorcofam
not family so it did not work when I clicked on it on your home page at the bottom of this post.

I don't know how to link like that where if you click on a word it takes you to a website. I need tutoring. :0)

LOVE the pict!!! My husband checked out your blog cause you are the subject of today's post. He said he likes the look of your blog.