Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Prayer Cards

When I was young one things I always remember seeing in my house was my mom's prayer cards. I'm not sure if that is what they should be called. They had Bible verses and sayings on them to encourage her throughout the day. She kept them over the sink where she washed dishes. This morning as I was making my turkey bacon and eggs, here at Snugharbor, I noticed that Andrew's grandma has the same sort of cards above her kitchen sink to read and think about as she washes dishes. It reminded me of home. I hope that my kids will remember how I kept those same cards in my window, one day.

Monday, November 28, 2005

How I kept busy!

So, I decided that I would hunt for jobs some today. So I found two in the paper that required you to apply in person and both happened to be in Hamilton so I got in Wayne and Susan's camry (thanks guys) and went to Hamilton. As I was driving downtown, I didn't see any free parking, so I decided to park in the 5/3 bank parking lot and open a checking account while I was there (on my To Do list) and park for free and just walk over to the place I was applying (which was next door). It worked out well. The job there was for the City of Hamilton. I'm not sure that I have any chance at that or even if I want it. The next job was down the street at an optometrist office. The person I spoke with there seemed very nice and I was the first applicant. I then ran some errands: Library, Target, Gas for car, and Kroger. I didn't find what I wanted at the Library or Target. Anyway, I was quite proud that I didn't have to call anyone because I got lost! When I got home I unpacked for a while, helped Rosalie make some cookies, played with Dewey, made lunch, and we went to Andrew's cousin Riley's indoor soccer game tonight. They won. I plan to send out more resumes tomorrow and do some Christmas shopping. So, that's what I did today.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

We're Here!

We made it to Ohio thanks to many people who helped us pack and unpack, as well as Jennie who flew to Kansas to help drive with me out here. Poor Andrew had to drive the Budget truck all by himself the whole way, since the passenger side seat was full of stuff. We were packed to the gills and left several things in Sterling (picnic table, grill, bikes). We will get it at Christmas time. We are going to have to rent a trailer for our car. Good thing we get 10% of our next Budget rental. Dewey is a bit confused at all the goings on but enjoyed the company of lots of people tonight (which he likes). He was fairly calm, of which, I was grateful. Andrew started on his Master's degree yesterday and did his first assignment today. I think it will take some adjustment for us to get used to not seeing each other as much. At Sterling we could just visit each other's offices any time, and we had lunch break together as well as evenings (that was good and bad at times). We will work separate places and be doing different things here. I saw some good possibilities for jobs in the newspaper today so I will busy myself on Monday applying to these places. Many of them require you to apply in person. I think we are planning on visiting Grace Chapel in the mornings and see how we like it. I couldn't find a Sunday School time on their website so we will just go to the service. I'd better head off to bed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Clothes, Socks, Shoes, Clothes . . . Everywhere!

Ok, so I will admit that I am a girly girl. I like to shop. I like shoes. I like purple, pink, and red. However, you know something is wrong when your husband's wardrobe is three times the size of yours . . . and you are a girly girl! I just got done packing Andrew's clothes (since he is out playing Axis and Allies with friends). So I packed a large box of clothes (large meaning, probably comes up to my waist in height), a LARGE rubbermaid (the biggest you can get), another box, and a large suitcase full of clothes. I just discovered more unpacked clothes. Arrrrgh! That is just HIS clothes. Let me go on to his socks. I thought that surely all of his socks would fit into one of our suitcases . . . but no, the didn't. They fit into a suitcase and a medium sized box. This isn't counting underwear, shoes, etc. He actually admitted to me the other day (when I was packing his clothes and I mentioned how much nice stuff he had) that his problem is just simply that he forgets he has them!! What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Andrew only cries in public.
I can only cry in private (as a general rule, and then when I do cry, A LOT. . . in private).

My day was rather hectic and annoying with things going on that were annoying, of which I can't post here. It made it a bit easier to leave. Andrew cried as he walked out to the car. I couldn't cry until I got in the car. What is wrong with this picture? :) I am beginning to get excited about what the future holds. I know that we will make new friends in Ohio and we will keep in contact with the ones here. I just hope the transition goes smoothly. The Myers' grandparents are really welcoming us into their home and are doing wonderful things to make us feel welcome (like encouraging us to set up our own bed in their guest room). I am grateful that we have a place to stay when we get there!

We are getting our truck tomorrow morning and we are loading tomorrow late morning. I can't wait to get some of these boxes out of here! Our dining room looks like a box jungle and there is just a little path for us to walk through. We will have Thanksgiving in Downs with the Walter family, then on to the airport to pick up Jennie.

Well, I'd better go check on supper.


Last day of work. Please pray for us. Need I say more?

Monday, November 21, 2005

So many things to blog about . . . so little time!

Wow, so our lives have been so fast paced lately. We have been trying to fit in all of our favorite things this past week. The packing is beginning to come to a conclusion and I think I can get the rest of what we don't need this week, packed tonight. Andrew has played games/paintball, etc for the past few nights and will again on Tuesday. He sweet talked me into agreeing to let him play again last night and at our house. While he was being so super nice to me, I reminded him that I expected this treatment daily but well . . . no such luck. Anyway, not that he isn't nice to me, he is but it was just extra nice to me.

Better get back to work. Hopefully I will have a better update sometime soon. Between packing, working (extra because of the panic that has been caused from my leaving), applying for jobs, cleaning, etc, I haven't had too much time for blogging.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Top 10 Things I appreciate about Kansas

I decided to write out a few of the wonderful things I appreciate about Kansas, now that I am leaving. This doesn't mean that other states don't have wonderful things to offer, but that is another post. These aren't in any particular order.

10) Being able to see where you are going. Roads are straight, little or no trees, so it is harder to get lost. Straight roads are more safe than curvey ones! :)

9) Beautiful wheat in the summertime. I LOVE walking through the wheatfields when they were turning golden.

8) Open AND friendly. Kansans are very open and honest people in a kind sort of way. I REALLY appreciate that. What point is there in being someone's friend if you don't know the real person. It is so much more meaningful to like the whole person and not just a front they put on.

7) Close to Colorado. Sure, Kansas may not have mountains but we can drive there in a fairly short amount of time.

6) The Warren. Yes, Wichita is host to the best movie theatre's ever (in my opinion). Everyone should experience them at least once. We are going there tonight, actually, with some friends (see number 8).

5) Values and beliefs. Kansans are very strong in their beliefs. I am proud to have grown up in the CENTER of the Bible belt! Not the edges! :)

4) Work Ethic. These people don't have it easy (most of them anyway) and don't shy away from hard work. With this comes a wonderful unselfishness that is very refreshing!

3) Sterling College. This state plays host to (in my unbiased and humble opinion) one of the countries greatest private colleges. This town and area are so unique. They have been through so many struggles through the years and it has built such an incredible character into this place.

2) Equally close to everywhere. It is easier to get places from here versus, let's say, living on the east coast and taking a trip to California. Much easier just to live in Kansas and visit other places.

1) Roy's Pit BBQ! (of which I will have some tomorrow). I am not a barbeque expert but out of all the barbeque's I have had, Roy's is the BEST!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fresh Doggie Breath?!

We have a remarkably talented dog in this house. He figured out a way to get the freshest breath possible for a canine! That's right! Tonight, I caught him under the futon chewing away on a dryer sheet. After punishing him, we were playing a little (to make up for the punishment part) and his breath smelled remarkably like Downy. I soon called Andrew into the room to experience the fresh dog breath. I am pretty sure he ingested part of the dryer sheet! Yikes!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Talented Sister

I don't know if any of you read my sister's blog but I would encourage you to check it out. She currently has a very cute and entertaining poem that she wrote about our family. Go check it out. There is a link over at the right hand side of the page which says, Jenny's blog. Click on that. Or go to Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I just must share with you my experiences. These happen fairly frequently. This just goes to show you the differences between well-bred homeschooled kid and the hard-working farm girl.

I see a jean's commercial on TV and just polietly ask to no one in particular, "I wonder where jean's originated." Andrew pipes up and says, "Oh they were popularized in America during the Gold Rush." I, of course, look at him like he is crazy, give him the evil eye, and proceed to the computer to look it up. He was right, of course and to make matters worse Andrew tends to giggle when he makes these smarty-pants remarks.

Several Months ago:
My husband was watching a program on HGTV about different house building techniques. One of the builders was describing a particular kind of screw. They were beginning to explain the whole use for the screw but had not mentioned the name yet when Andrew said, "Oh, that is an Archemedian Screw and it does blah blah blah blah!

I do tries each and every day to get my smarts but me's seems to always fail! :(

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Some of you know that my Great Aunt Thelma passed away last week. My talented mother (that's where Jenny gets it) wrote a wonderful tribute to her and so I really wanted to share it on here. I hope we can continue this godly legacy to the next generation.


As a child, I remember looking forward to going to Aunt Thelma and Uncle Everett's house, not only because I got to play with my cousins, but because my aunt and uncle treated me with love and respect. Aunt Thelma was a great cook. Her dishes were always tasty as well as beautiful to behold. I can't remember how old I was when our two families took a vacation together in Colorado. One event that stands out was our evening trip to the local dump to watch for bears. We kids had been told not to talk because the bears would hear us and be scared away. Every few minutes Aunt Thelma just had to make a comment. I remember thinking how funny it was that we kids were being quiet and she wasn't! Looking back I wonder how a bear could have heard us talking quietly in a van with the windows rolled up! If anything, it was probably the presence of our van that kept the bears away.

When Kurt and I married, Aunt Thelma presented us with a beautiful set of sheets and pillowcases she had cross-stitched with our names. What a precious gift! Another time she made a yarn cat and kitten for me. I remember she always had some kind of craft project under construction. Another special memory of Aunt Thelma and Uncle Everett is their singing "Bringing in the Sheaves" at Thanksgiving in Manhattan. Although they were "up in years", they were willing to stand in front of everyone and share their musical talents. Aunt Thelma had a sweet sense of humor and would occasionally (gently) tease her loved ones, but she wasn't afraid to make fun of herself.

It was especially hard for Aunt Thelma when my mother died, for that meant Aunt Thelma was the only one of the Seaman children left. She often bemoaned the fact that she had been the sickliest child and was now the last one living. Although the later years of her life were full of pain, she was longsuffering and patient under that difficult trial. Throughout her lifetime she experienced the untimely death of her father, the sudden deaths of her sisters and brother, the death of her mother, and the decline and death of her dear husband. She bore up patiently under many physical and emotional trials. Although Aunt Thelma didn't appear to dwell on the sad things in her life, she was open enough to share her feelings at times. She always seemed so happy to see me and the family when we would stop in for a visit. Even with her hearing deficiency, my aunt was interested in keeping up with the activities of her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and their children. I often marveled at her ability to remember what each one was doing. She loved us all.

Aunt Thelma raised two wonderful children who are serving the Lord. She was a good and godly woman who knew her "good works" weren't good enough to earn eternal life in heaven. I'm so glad her trust was in the sacrifice of her Savior, Jesus Christ. She lived a life of service in gratitude for what Jesus did for her on the cross. Now she has been released from her pain and is enjoying fellowship with her Savior, her parents, her husband, her brother and sisters and many other loved ones. Praise God! I thank the Lord for giving me an aunt like Aunt Thelma.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My day!

Andrew, Brett, and I went to McPherson for the World View Weekend this morning. I really enjoyed the sessions and I learned a lot even though I had heard much of it before (yeah for Bible classes at SC) and I had even seen the slideshow presentation before. Another guy came and talked about a new Bible software program that does all sorts of neat things. It was so great that I can't even explain the whole thing. We will definitely think of getting that for the future. It would have been so helpful in my classes at Sterling. All updates are free so you aren't getting scammed into stuff. After lunch, we decided to drive down to Wichita to catch the last of the Warrior's football games this season. We ended up losing but I had fun watching and visiting with my friends. I have a choice on what to do tonight. I could stay here and pack (which I need to do) or I could go to the high school show here in town or the high school show up at Little River (in which three of my voice students have leading rolls). I'm not sure. I am pretty tired but we will see once 7:00 p.m. rolls around. We are having guests for dinner tomorrow so I have to clean up a bit for that. So, just in case you wondered what I did today . . . there it is! :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

It was the best of times and well . . .

I am still having conflicting emotions about moving. I realize that this is completely natural and it is ok for me to feel sad about leaving friends and family. Many of my friends around here are helping me to feel better by talking about times they will visit and things we can do to stay in touch. When I am upset and crying Andrew and I usually have this conversation:

Me: "I don't want to leave my friends and family." (Boo hoo)
Andrew: "You can make new friends and we will come to visit family and we can communicate through technology, etc."
Me: "I don't want new friends, I like the ones I have." (boo hoo)
Andrew: "Just because we move it doesn't mean you have to stop being friends with the people that are here, you will just have a different kind of friendship."
Me: "Oh yeah (sobs subsiding). I guess I am still good friends with people that I don't live near and I can still be close with my family even from a distance."

Isn't my husband so smart?! Anyway, I am beginning to get used to the idea and feel better about it. I am friends with people in Lithuania, Minnesota, Illnois, California, etc, so I can be friends with people in Kansas too! Won't be the same I know but it's all I have to work with right now. We are trying to pack everything we want to do around here in the next two weeks. Last night I went with some girls to help set up for an alumni event in Wichita. We had so much fun. We went shopping together (skipped out on work a little early) and I came away with two purses and a pair of shoes (some of that is Christmas presents). Anyway, we didn't get back until 11:00 p.m. last night but it was so worth the lack of sleep. Tonight we are going to a friend's birthday party, tomorrow to the World View weekend in McPherson and to a local area show in the evening. I will hopefully be able to pack a bit more on Sunday! Whew! Anyway, this experience is teaching me a valuable lesson (and many more, I'm sure but this is the one that is presenting itself at the present time): Make the most of the time you have and never pass up an opportunity to get together with people!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What is happening?!

Wow, so I can't write long. I am at work and can't really express anything in this post otherwise I will probably being crying, again. Several of my co-workers have choked up this morning causing me to spiral downward into the whyarewedoingthiscan'twejuststaydowereallywantthis syndrome. It will be such a huge change for me. I just hope that I am ready. I did tell my boss this morning. He acted like he was having a heart attack. Quite funny, really. Anyway, I guess it is nice to know that people think they can't survive without me and that I will be missed. Can I really do this? More later. . .

Monday, November 07, 2005

It's Official - We're Moving!

So, it is now official. Andrew took this job this morning. Sorry this won't be long and filled with detail but I promise more is coming. I need to leave in a bit to pick up Andrew from the airport and I will get all the details from him then! We will be moving the weekend after Thanksgiving. Andrew starts the following Monday (28th). Now I need to find a job!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ohio Job Interview

Ok, Andrew told me that I would be allowed to post this on Sunday. It is now 7:40 p.m. on Sunday so I guess I can post about this now. Andrew flew to Ohio on Saturday to go to a job interview. He met with a guy at the company today and will have a more official interview tomorrow. Things have gone well so far. This is a computer company that works with all sorts of aspects of computers, from websites to hardware. This definitely means that if he gets the job that we won't be opening the restaurant. Now, I know that many of you felt like that was an unreachable dream. Perhaps it would be a stretch for us to do that, since we had no prior experience but that is part of the attraction (young, energetic, and eager to learn). I firmly believe that if I am following God's will, He can use me for whatever He wants me to, even if it seems out of reach by others. Anyway, I got a bit off subject. It sounds as if this job will be a good one.

If Andrew gets the job: I still have mixed feelings about moving but I also have mixed feelings about staying. I realized long ago that I can't always follow my feelings. Anyway, I will miss the college, concerts, shows, sports events, my dear friends I work with. I will miss being near my family. I will miss being able to walk down the street after dark and know that I am safe! Anyway, I know that there are many positives to moving as well.

Well, I am beginning to ramble. Also, I am writing this after crying through a two hour episode of the best Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that I think I have ever seen (others have come close). Anyway, now you all know!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

How my husband spent his birthday money!

Here is a story about how sweet my husband is! For his birthday, Andrew got several checks. These were meant for him to spend on something he always wanted. He even had a list of things that he wanted to buy. But did my husband go out and spend his birthday money on himself? No! He was so sweet to remember that I didn't have a full set of pajamas. Meaning, I have pajama bottoms but I have never had a matching set. I usually just wear a t-shirt and shorts. So, my husband ordered a complete set of pajamas bottoms, top, and slippers to match from Victoria's Secret with his birthday money. Isn't he the best? Anyway, here is a picture of the new pajamas. I am holding our puppy, Dewey, although he doesn't look like a puppy anymore! He is so big! He makes me look so short. Anyway, I just wanted to share what a wonderful and loving thing my dear husband did for me!! :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Andrew's Grandpa Schechter!! Once again, I have not gotten a card sent. Whew! I really need a PDA!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

76 Trombones

A tale of the trials and joys of musicians:

I enjoyed an evening of rejoining my alma mater for their yearly fall band concert. There is a new band director this year. He also is part time admissions so he talked me into playing. When he first asked my response was, "Who told you I play the clarinet?" In the end, I agreed to play. Well, after several practices with the band, I realized that I had played all but one piece before, when I was an SC band member. At the rehearsal, my clarinet began to have difficulty playing a B, C, and D. Very important notes on the clarinet. They just wouldn't come out. After further inspection, I discovered that I my dear precious clarinet (that I bought in 1994), was missing a pad. I tried to fix it with a piece of flannel but that didn't work. So, I marched myself into the band director office the day of the concert and told him my problem. He helped me find another clarinet to play for the concert. It was a very nice clarinet and it crossed my mind to switch them out but I am too ethical for that! :) So, I played in the concert last night. When it was over, I took a program and scanned for my name. Hmm, wasn't in the clarinet section . . . wasn't in the bass clarinet section . . . hmm, trumpts? Surely not! I have never played the trumpet in my life. So, my name was in the trumpet section. Not only was it misplaced it was also spelled Schecter. Ah! Anyway, that was one of many mistakes on the program. Also, the concert started at 7:00 p.m. It was in the gymnasium at the high school, so I could search the crowd. 7:01 - no Andrew, "Hmm, where is he? Of course, he had to walk so it could take him a while." 7:15 - still no Andrew, "Oh well, maybe he forgot." No, my poor poor husband had to walk in the cold (only one car) and walked all the way to Culbertson auditorium at the college only to discover it was empty. He found out where the concert was and walked over to the gym. To my defense, I am certain that I mentioned where the concert was at! It just goes to show you that you should always listen to your wife!!! :) Anyway, it was fun to play and many of my friends are still in the band so it made for an enjoyable evening.