Monday, March 30, 2009


It is just not getting warm enough, fast enough, for me. It is supposed to be 60 today (which I will take) but I long for 70s. I especially want to get out and use our mower but I'm just not in the mood to do that unless I can wear shorts and sweat a little. This year I can enjoy a nice cool glass of water while mowing because our new mower as a cup holder! Seriously! I'll have to take some pictures later.

Andrew is at home with the babe this morning and I'll be there this afternoon. I think she's really on the mend but with the fever coming and going, I don't want to put her recovery or other kids health in jeopardy by sending her to daycare. Better to be at home and "resting" which really means playing like normal. I did call the doctors office this morning, only to find out he is away on a trip. He is scheduled to be in the office this afternoon and I could have gotten an appointment but I told the receptionist that we've waited this long, so let's just wait and see what she's like tomorrow. If she's still running a fever, then I'll take her in, just to make sure her ears are ok.

That's all for now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Happenings

Well, Abigail's fever came back this evening. She is still pretty happy-go-lucky but someone won't be going to work tomorrow, since we can't send her (and don't want to) with a fever. We just put her to bed, so I'm hoping for another good nights sleep! We haven't decided yet who is going to stay home.

In other news: we bought a mower! We have been needing one for several years but we've made due with used and broken down ones (around 20 years old). We've been needing to mow but haven't been able to since both of our mowers are out of service! We decided to break down and use some tax return money for one that will actually allow me to go out and start it and begin to mow. The old one required jumping, tire inflation, deck and blade maintenance, and starting it with a screwdriver to mow each time. Needless to say, I needed Andrew around to be able to mow! It's a nice 46inch (deck) Craftsman. It was last year's model so we got a great deal on it.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm looking forward to warmer weather tomorrow, and hopefully some healthiness!

Morning Update

Abigail slept for 13 1/2 hours last night (from 6 pm to 7:30 am) and seems to be a bit better. Her temp this morning was at 97.3 which is much better from the 102 it was when we put her to bed. She's still snotty and congested in the chest but hopefully she is on the mend.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snot City

Well, Abigail's allergies/cold/whatever has taken a turn for the worse. She was up so much last night, just snotty and uncomfortable. I woke Andrew up to take a turn at 2 am, and he got the turn where she had puked all over herself and the crib. He changed her, the sheets, etc, and got her back to sleep. She also threw up her breakfast (on me). She just has an upset tummy from all the snot. She has kept down a banana, breast milk, and a little apple sauce this afternoon.

She also has a 101 fever. She's still happily playing as I write this but has been a bit extra cranky, which is understandable. We're trying several things to make her more comfortable until her body can get rid of this virus. This is the first time she's really been sick, so we can't complain. I just feel sorry for the poor girl. :(

Friday, March 27, 2009

Abigail Update

Thankfully she slept through the night last night. I am feeling much better. Hardly a trace of the drainage. She still has snot pouring out of her nose. That means I get to wipe it every 30 seconds or so. That translates into lots of crying, since Abigail doesn't like to have her nose wiped. I've tried making it into a game, but she's not buying it! :) She has a little chest congestion as well but still doesn't seem to be running a fever so I think it's a little cold that she can probably fight off quickly.

In other developments, we think that she can now say the word "yes". We've tried it several times this morning and something very close to "yes" comes out every time. She now can nod "yes" and shake her head "no".

Ok, I'd better go finish our breakfast (oatmeal and blueberries for Abigail - oatmeal and honey for me) and her nose needs wiped again. I think we're going to have to make a trip to the store for Kleenex and bread.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Is spring here yet? It's not quite warm enough for me. I like 70s - being outside with no jacket - weather. It's been raining and colder here the past few days and we're acting like it! I started with a scratchy throat on Tuesday night and to be honest, it hasn't progressed to much more than that. Just slight soreness and drainage. Last night, Abigail was up at a lot and my suspicions were confirmed that she probably has what I do. I gave her something to help with pain since I figured she had a sore throat, like me, and she slept the rest of the night.

No fever and clear snot, so she's at daycare today. Good mom, I am. Right?! Ha! Nothing like leaving your screaming half-sick child with someone else to make you feel wonderful.

Anyway, thankfully it's not bad. Hopefully it will clear up very quickly because I like to sleep at night.

I was about to write a post about how healthy she has been. Actually, it still remains true. She is rarely sick and if she does catch something it has been minor and brief. I don't want to jinx anything, though, and have her catch something that is a whammy!

Anyway, here is a list of things that I really think lend to her good health.

1) Plenty of sleep. She usually sleeps 11 hours at night and 2 to 3 during the day. Most people think her night schedule is crazy (since she goes to bed at 7 pm) but I'd like to compare her sleeping ability and health to other kids! The sleep does wonders.

2) Breastfeeding. We're still doing it. We're headed towards weaning. She's been getting one less bottle a day and is getting less interested all the time. She still likes her morning nursing session, however.

3) Food. She eats healthy. Seriously, she doesn't eat foods that are highly processed (rarely). Instead she eats, in great quantity, foods like kale, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, organic meats, a wide array of veggies, and the occasional "green" smoothie.

That's it for now. It's funny that I'm including this list on a post where I tell you that she's sort of sick. Ha! Anyway, I'm hoping tonight is better!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting my affairs in order!

I just want to let you in on something. My life is in danger! My place of employment plays host every year to a nesting goose and her eggs. Along with the momma goose comes daddy goose and he is mean! Most years we usually see him hanging around and watching out for momma and the eggs. This year, however, daddy goose has decided that an extra aggressive manner towards the humans in the building is needed.

This is the craziest goose I have ever encountered in my life. Most of us (staff) have started parking elsewhere so we do not have to walk past this crazy goose on our way in and out of the building. A few days ago I was arriving at work, along with another co-worker, when I witnessed, from the safety of my car, this particular goose charging my co-worker. Thankfully the mean ole' goose stopped before connecting with my co-worker but it was still scary to watch. Later that day, my co-worker was returning to the building from his car when the goose flew at him, knocking him backwards onto the pavement. The fall tore his shirt and the goose ruffled his hair.

On Monday, I was leaving for lunch when I opened the door of the building to walk to my car, and witnessed the fluttering of giant wings, a large open-snapping-beak, and vicious sounds coming from this bird flying at me! I hastily retreated inside and went out another door.

I have a slight fear of birds with long pointy beaks anyway. This guy is vicious.

I have been working on my will, living will, and power of attorney but they are not done yet. If I do happen to die because of this silly goose, please note the files can be found on our home computer. Hopefully they will be of use, even though they are not yet signed!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Thanks for the advice (comments and verbal) about Abigail's whining. We actually had a good weekend and enjoyed lots of outdoor time. She had her whiny moments but they were directly linked to hunger or tiredness, so I can understand that. We spent a lot of time working in our front yard yesterday. I am excited to have a sidewalk finally and get a little landscaping in. I'll try to take some pictures!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I don't speak whiny!

You all know that I love and adore my daughter.

I need your advice! She is in a stage right now that I do not understand. I probably don't understand it because I don't speak whiny! I speak English. Whenever I hear a whiny noise, it makes my head want to explode! :)

Anyway, Abigail is at the stage where she whines for everything. She has yet to say her first real word, although she makes noises that occasionally sound like words. I think she's just plain frustrated that she can't get her point across and I'm trying to help her as much as I can but . . .

where do I draw the line?

What I mean by this is that I want her to understand at an early age that life is not about always getting what you want or doing what you want to do. I'm trying to find a balance between figuring out what she wants (she gets what she needs: she is a well taken-care-of girl) and teaching her that whining is not the way to get what she wants.

I've been asking her to sign if she wants more food at supper or if she is all-done. She will do it most of the time but there is still a very good amount of whining, temper, and crying going on.

Is it just my kid? Is it her teeth? Do all 1-year-olds who don't speak yet whine this much?

I know a lot of this comes with being a kid, temper tantrums, growing up pains, etc, but how much of it is normal? I DO NOT want to reinforce her whining behavior but at the same time I want to be understanding and really help her to express what she wants because that is important too. Just trying to find that balance.

Is anyone else's kid like this (or was)?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hawaii's Superferry

I was sad to read this article today. Of course, my point of view is simply that we had so much fun on the Superferry and got to see wonderful sights of Maui and Molokini, that we wouldn't have otherwise gotten to see if we hadn't been able to ride the Superferry. Perhaps I ought to think out of my little world and think about the environment. However, as far as a tourist point of view goes, this is a sad thing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Controlling my Obsession!

Abigail is starting to wear shoes almost every day now. She LOVES and I really mean LOVES to walk around outside. Since the days are slowly getting warmer, we've been enjoying a lot of outdoor time. We got most of the yard picked up (junk) yesterday in preparation for some major work this summer - sidewalk, landscaping, vegetable garden, etc. Ok, back to the subject. Abigail has two pair of shoes that "fit" right now. They are slightly big but should work all through the summer. However, I have found a new brand of baby shoes that are so cute I have to share:

Oh my goodness. How am I going to resist buying her these shoes? I guess I'll have to wait until she outgrows the ones she has!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's talk about American Idol

I spent the evening watching the past 3 (yes!) weeks of American Idol that we had recorded. Andrew is at a "guys night" and the baby is asleep. Yes, the kitchen is a mess but I feel like I've been cleaning it all day (ran the dishwasher twice) so I'm giving myself a break! Ok, I'm watching the top 13 and haven't watched the results show yet.

My opinions (not that they really matter):

My favorites: Lil (wow she can really sing) and Danny. A close second: Allison & Anoop.

Adam & Alexis were great too, they're just not really my style.

There are lots of good choices!

Grateful Friday

This is going to be short and sweet. Abigail is waking up from her nap and we're getting ready to have lunch and run errands!

I'm grateful for:
  • our good health.
  • a lovely and warm home to live in.
  • our bright future.
  • fun weekend plans.
  • our small group from church (friends).
  • our jobs.
  • our families!
  • the study we're going through at church. Seriously, it's wonderful.

Abigail loves getting cards! Seriously, if you ever wondered if people really read the cards that you sent to them . . . be assured . . . she reads them - Over and over again! She carries them around the house, brings them to us to read to her, and looks at them over and over. So, thanks for all the birthday cards - she is still reading them!!

Abigail is getting ready to read a card sent by Great Aunt Linda.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How did I not know this?

How did I not know that Dancing with the Stars is on again? I mean seriously! I know I don't watch much TV. We watch 24 together every week, about 5 minutes of news in the morning, and occasionally we'll watch King of Queens after work/during playtime.

So, can someone tell me how I missed this? How many weeks have I missed?

I'm going to set my "recorder" (not a VCR, DVR, or TIVO - we do weird technology at my house) to record them from here on out!

When am I going to have the time to get caught up on all these shows? I still haven't watched American Idol for three weeks. I'm busy folks and if I'm not busy, the computer IS (which is where the TV shoes are "recorded")!

Since recently purchasing the Dancing with the Stars workout DVD (one of them) - and loving it - I feel I must continue my loyalty to the show. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Many of you know that Abigail's name means, "a father's joy". Well let me tell you, she is a joy to her mother as well. Oh, not every moment is perfect or joyful. We have our share of whining, tantrums, and general crankiness but in the midst of that, this little girl brings us so much joy! Here are a few of the "new" joyful things she has been doing.

The last two mornings when I have gotten her out of bed, she has laid her head down on my shoulder and really snuggled! She has never been much of a snuggler. Then, when I laid her down on the changing table for a diaper change, she reached up and hugged my neck and didn't want to let go! Oh, so sweet!

She loves any kind of animal and gets so excited to see Dewey laying down. I think she takes this as a sign that he wants to be petted. Sometimes he lets her pet him and sometimes he doesn't.

We just moved her into a big bathtub and she LOVES it. She splashes and plays like it is the greatest thing. I'm looking forward to swimming with her this summer.

She loves being outside (which is great)!

She is learning to feed herself. We have let her try with applesauce (and nakedness) because it can get a bit messy. That is what the picture is of below.

You are so precious!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Confessions

Mondays are difficult. I'm thankful that I enjoy my job and love the people that I work with. It's not that. It is just that I'm in mommy mode, flying high and enjoying my beautiful daughter all weekend and then bam. . . Monday strikes. I'm not used to being away from her and I miss her, terribly. By the end of the week I'm "used to" being away from her, as much as anyone can be, I'm sure.

I get to see her for a brief visit at lunch in 1 1/2 hours.

Oh how I love my girl.

(P.S. We spent lots of time outside this weekend. We took advantage of the warm weather. I'll post the pictures of Abigail enjoying hours of wagon riding when the camera gets unloaded. She loved running around on the porch, as well.)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Smoothie Adventure

My family didn't make a lot of smoothies growing up. My mom would occasionally make Orange Julius as a treat but we didn't have them on a regular basis. So, when it comes to smoothies, I don't know what I'm doing. In the past few weeks, I have read on several different blogs and health websites about the enormous benefits of "green" smoothies. So, I decided to give it a try this morning. I mixed up a handful of fresh baby spinach with a cup of water and pureed it until it was like soup. Then I threw in a handful of blueberries, which were half frozen, and about 5 large strawberries, also half frozen, and blended.

It was surprisingly. . . .


I thought it might be something Abigail would also like so I gave her a few sips of mine and she liked it! Yeah! The "frozenness" of the berries made it sort of like a slush and it was delicious. I downed mine before I got to work.

I'm doing a bit of Weight Watchers at the moment. It is incredibly motivating to "stay under" my allotted points for the day. Also, I'm paying for the subscription and money is a huge motivator for me. So, I'm making the most of it. Anyway, for those of you who know the points system, I just wanted to share that my berry "green" smoothie was 0 points! Seriously! I also had a bowl of old fashioned oatmeal with 1 tsp of raw honey. That brought my breakfast total up to 2 points. That is seriously low! I'm so excited - mainly because . . . I'm full!!!

And . . . here is a picture for you all. Abigail with her first set of pig tails! The babysitter put them in because I didn't have any hair ties that were small enough. Isn't she sooooo cute????!!! And grown up????!!! Too bad she screamed when I took them out. I guess I need to learn the art of not pulling her hair! :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fitting Song

We are supposed to memorize the "greatest commandment" verse in Mark (12:30-31) for the study we are doing in church. Thankfully, I have the ability to pick up on a song with just a few "listenings"! Enjoy!

Day #2 - The Attraction to Lesser Things

I read Day 2 of our study this morning and again . . . it was good. I wrote quite a bit about it yesterday, how we're attracted to "doing" and getting "things" instead of actually focusing on the relationship at hand. I think that I can especially get caught up in "doing things" for someone instead of actually spending uninterrupted and focused time with them. Anyway, I think I'll post some quotes later on because they really hit home with me.

In the mean time, I have been thinking a lot about patience lately. I know this is an area where I struggle. I'm just a person who likes to take action. If something needs doing or something is wrong, my first reaction is to fix it. Abigail has been extra whiny lately, as I have mentioned before, due probably to her teeth and just her age. Needless to say, it has been trying my patience! Ha!

I truly believe that I have come a long way in this area. I believe that it is a step in the right direction to first admit that you need to work on something (patience). However, today I also read something that hit home with me.

"You can't teach your children something that you do not have."

Hmm, hello!

When we are feeding Abigail and she's "begging" for more, by pointing and whining, our current phrase is "please have some patience". I need to step up my game on this and be an example. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to raise this beautiful and lovely girl. I certainly cannot even begin to do things right as a parent. I must rely solely on the strength, power, and wisdom of Jesus Christ!

In the light of this, I am also pondering the fine line between patience and laziness. Any thoughts?

I will remind myself again of the actual definition of this, since I tend to forget things easily!

Patience is bearing complaints or trials calmly or without complaint. Patience is not being hasty. Patience is being steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity.

Monday, March 02, 2009

This is going to be good!

Our church is going through a "40 days of love" series. We are having sermons given on this topic, discussing it in our small group, and reading a book together called "The Relationship Principles of Jesus" by Tom Holladay. It has one chapter to read (short chapter) each day. I have read my chapter for the day and Andrew is planning to.

This whole series is (obviously) about relationship building. This is not just about marriages but about all relationships in our lives. I am going to chronicle my thoughts and what I read here because I think it is valuable information to understand. And I would like to remember it in the future! :)

Today's topic was titled "Nothing is More Important Than Relationships". How very true this is and how very easily I forget it. God created us FOR relationships. It is so easy for me to get caught up in "getting things done" such as work, cleaning, laundry, cooking, getting "stuff" I want, etc. While it is important for me to do these things for my family, it is MORE important for me to give the most important thing to my family and that is TIME. (See, I was listening in the sermon yesterday!). I also need to not be concerned with what others are doing or giving, as far as time is concerned, and only focus on overcoming my selfishness.

This chapter was great to read because of its honest. Relationships are both wonderful and horrible at the same time. We are all human. We're capable of a wonderful, deep, enriching love but at the same time we're capable of hurting someone else deeply. Sometimes these things happen within the same day or even hour!

Here is a great quote from the book:

"Your relationships with God and others will last all the way into eternity. Jesus knows full well that the swirling wonder and pain of our relationships tempt us to move them down our priority list. "Who needs this?" we say, and so reduce our lives to simple hobbies, tasks, and entertainments. That is not the answer! When I try to make less important that which is truly most important, it only causes more confusion."

"The path to the greatest life possible and the greatest joy possible is found in the priority that Jesus taught us to keep at the top of the list: Place the highest value on relationships."

I'm still boggled in the brain by how easy this is for me to forget. I need this study now more than ever as I balance lots of relationships (old and new) in my life. How will I relate to my daughter? What will my daughter learn from watching our marriage?

Anyway, good thoughts for me today.

Weekend Recap

Well, I guess I'm not getting around to doing the Grateful Friday posts after all. I think they're important so I might move it to another day. We'll see. I'll give you a brief recap of what we did this weekend. By the way, I know these are probably incredibly boring for everyone (except probably my mom) but more and more I realize that this blog is about the only place that I keep track of stuff! It is as much for my benefit as it for anyone! :)

On Friday, my co-worker/substitute/help (I don't know what to call her) called me at about 8:10 am to say that she had a sick kid and couldn't work. It happens. We worked out a solution where I would do 1/2 of the work on Friday and she'd do 1/2 of the work on Saturday. I was originally going to check to see if my in-laws could watch Abigail but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the WHOLE purpose of me having Fridays off is to spend more time with my daughter. It is not enough as it is so I didn't want to give that up, if possible. Plus, there are lots of people from work who were wanting to see her, so I brought her with me.

For the most part, it went well. She played with some boxes and paper. She had fun running around. We headed home right during nap time, so she fell asleep. I drove to the house, got my shopping list, and drove to Walmart so she could have a longer nap. When she woke up, we went grocery shopping. We've been going WAY over on our grocery budget each month so this month we're really going to try and tighten up!

The rest of the day was uneventful. I headed to my girls night out around 6:30 pm. This was, again, so much fun! We had a delicious meal together (I brought corn pudding) and then we scrapbooked and, of course, talked! :)

On Saturday, I went to a place called Dream Dinners to assemble some "pre-made" dinners for our family. There is still some cooking involved in some of the recipes but I hope that by doing this, I'll be able to spend slightly more time with my daughter each evening instead of spending the whole time cooking supper. We haven't eaten any yet (it's dethawing for tonight) but it seems like a pretty healthy and quick alternative to prepackaged meals (not that we ate a lot of those before). It is like a prepackaged meal without all the bad stuff (MSG, transfats, soy products, etc). I know what spices went into each seasoning packet, etc, since I assembled it myself.

We'll see how well we like it and if it helps us hold to our food budget or not.

On Saturday night we went over to my in-laws for an absolutely delicious meal. I think I've been completely initiated into the family because I'm going to write about the food we ate! :) Ha! We had white chicken chili and quesadillas made with this yummy tortilla that is not pre-cooked. I don't even know how to describe them. Anyway, yum!

Sunday: I taught Sunday school, we had lunch, Abigail had a nap, we ate supper, etc, etc.

Abigail has been EXTRA cranky this weekend and is in a state of constant whinyness. I do believe she is suffering from three big molars cutting through her poor gums and . . . the inability to communicate. She suddenly has opinions about things, from what she eats to what she does, yet she isn't talking yet so I think she's is frustrated that she can't communicate these things.

I'm going to try baby signing with her. I hope it works.

Whoa, this "got big on me". I took some pictures this weekend but they're still on the camera. I'll post them another time!