Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, I guess I'm not getting around to doing the Grateful Friday posts after all. I think they're important so I might move it to another day. We'll see. I'll give you a brief recap of what we did this weekend. By the way, I know these are probably incredibly boring for everyone (except probably my mom) but more and more I realize that this blog is about the only place that I keep track of stuff! It is as much for my benefit as it for anyone! :)

On Friday, my co-worker/substitute/help (I don't know what to call her) called me at about 8:10 am to say that she had a sick kid and couldn't work. It happens. We worked out a solution where I would do 1/2 of the work on Friday and she'd do 1/2 of the work on Saturday. I was originally going to check to see if my in-laws could watch Abigail but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the WHOLE purpose of me having Fridays off is to spend more time with my daughter. It is not enough as it is so I didn't want to give that up, if possible. Plus, there are lots of people from work who were wanting to see her, so I brought her with me.

For the most part, it went well. She played with some boxes and paper. She had fun running around. We headed home right during nap time, so she fell asleep. I drove to the house, got my shopping list, and drove to Walmart so she could have a longer nap. When she woke up, we went grocery shopping. We've been going WAY over on our grocery budget each month so this month we're really going to try and tighten up!

The rest of the day was uneventful. I headed to my girls night out around 6:30 pm. This was, again, so much fun! We had a delicious meal together (I brought corn pudding) and then we scrapbooked and, of course, talked! :)

On Saturday, I went to a place called Dream Dinners to assemble some "pre-made" dinners for our family. There is still some cooking involved in some of the recipes but I hope that by doing this, I'll be able to spend slightly more time with my daughter each evening instead of spending the whole time cooking supper. We haven't eaten any yet (it's dethawing for tonight) but it seems like a pretty healthy and quick alternative to prepackaged meals (not that we ate a lot of those before). It is like a prepackaged meal without all the bad stuff (MSG, transfats, soy products, etc). I know what spices went into each seasoning packet, etc, since I assembled it myself.

We'll see how well we like it and if it helps us hold to our food budget or not.

On Saturday night we went over to my in-laws for an absolutely delicious meal. I think I've been completely initiated into the family because I'm going to write about the food we ate! :) Ha! We had white chicken chili and quesadillas made with this yummy tortilla that is not pre-cooked. I don't even know how to describe them. Anyway, yum!

Sunday: I taught Sunday school, we had lunch, Abigail had a nap, we ate supper, etc, etc.

Abigail has been EXTRA cranky this weekend and is in a state of constant whinyness. I do believe she is suffering from three big molars cutting through her poor gums and . . . the inability to communicate. She suddenly has opinions about things, from what she eats to what she does, yet she isn't talking yet so I think she's is frustrated that she can't communicate these things.

I'm going to try baby signing with her. I hope it works.

Whoa, this "got big on me". I took some pictures this weekend but they're still on the camera. I'll post them another time!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful Dream Dinners experience. It is the ultimate buy in bulk and save way to have a home cooked dinner and does cost less than buying the same ingredients at a grocery store. It is also very eco friendly, so much less packaging when you buy in bulk. We actually have children on our tasting panels; it is amazing to see what kids will really eat. We put kids in a box when we only feed them "white foods". Don’t miss the August menu, our guests voted for their favorites to be on the August Menu. You can get even more ideas on my blog Take care.

Jaime said...

Thanks for commenting. We've had only one meal so far and it was delicious. I told my husband that we have to be sure to eat all of February's meals because the March menu looks so good. I put them all together in a little over an hour. I might be hooked!