Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting my affairs in order!

I just want to let you in on something. My life is in danger! My place of employment plays host every year to a nesting goose and her eggs. Along with the momma goose comes daddy goose and he is mean! Most years we usually see him hanging around and watching out for momma and the eggs. This year, however, daddy goose has decided that an extra aggressive manner towards the humans in the building is needed.

This is the craziest goose I have ever encountered in my life. Most of us (staff) have started parking elsewhere so we do not have to walk past this crazy goose on our way in and out of the building. A few days ago I was arriving at work, along with another co-worker, when I witnessed, from the safety of my car, this particular goose charging my co-worker. Thankfully the mean ole' goose stopped before connecting with my co-worker but it was still scary to watch. Later that day, my co-worker was returning to the building from his car when the goose flew at him, knocking him backwards onto the pavement. The fall tore his shirt and the goose ruffled his hair.

On Monday, I was leaving for lunch when I opened the door of the building to walk to my car, and witnessed the fluttering of giant wings, a large open-snapping-beak, and vicious sounds coming from this bird flying at me! I hastily retreated inside and went out another door.

I have a slight fear of birds with long pointy beaks anyway. This guy is vicious.

I have been working on my will, living will, and power of attorney but they are not done yet. If I do happen to die because of this silly goose, please note the files can be found on our home computer. Hopefully they will be of use, even though they are not yet signed!


Ben said...

LOL! I hope you don't die either and kinda reminds me of the swan was it in Sterling Lake that would attack a lot of people but this sounds much more aggressive. I think you need a large pointy object with you at all times.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog, Jaime. I'm wondering, however, why the church puts up with this dangerous creature. Has the word "lawsuit" never entered minds of the church officials? Does the goose bother children coming to preschool? Is he around on Sunday mornings? I'm sure someone could think of a way to trap the bird and move him to another place. Anyway, your story was quite entertaining. (You could buy a can of Mace.)

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

First of all, thankfully the goose has calmed down now that the momma goose has laid her eggs. I'm obviously not an expert on this sort of thing but I don't think that trapping and moving the goose would do any good. They come back every year (we think it is the same pair) and so I'm sure he'd be back in a jiffy if he was moved. Perhaps someone else knows more than I do.

Thankfully he has left all the children alone. I don't know about Sunday morning.

It is a side entrance that I use for workdays (where he was stationed) and I'm sure that everyone uses the main entrance (where he is not at) on Sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I love stories about large birds with an attitude. If it continues to cause you problems, you should contact Amy Doane. She's been known to take control of the situation when large birds are involved :)