Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snot City

Well, Abigail's allergies/cold/whatever has taken a turn for the worse. She was up so much last night, just snotty and uncomfortable. I woke Andrew up to take a turn at 2 am, and he got the turn where she had puked all over herself and the crib. He changed her, the sheets, etc, and got her back to sleep. She also threw up her breakfast (on me). She just has an upset tummy from all the snot. She has kept down a banana, breast milk, and a little apple sauce this afternoon.

She also has a 101 fever. She's still happily playing as I write this but has been a bit extra cranky, which is understandable. We're trying several things to make her more comfortable until her body can get rid of this virus. This is the first time she's really been sick, so we can't complain. I just feel sorry for the poor girl. :(

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Susan said...

I am so sorry she is sick. It must be going around the country as it sounds like what Linda had in Las Vegas and Emma here in California. We miss you all and will see you in a few days!