Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Classes, house, and other stuff

We just got signed up with our local Bradley method instructor. It's a good thing that I called when I did because her next class starts September 16th. If we waited for the one after that, it would be too late. Our baby would already be here. So we are unofficially signed up (I have to send my deposit). It is a 12 week class that meets on Sunday night, which is a good time for us. I'm also getting ready to sign up for classes at the hospital. Because we are taking a Bradley method class, we have decided not to take a Lamaze class through the hospital (it's pretty expensive too). We are going to go to the "curious couples" session to view the birthing unit, and fill out paper work. I'm also going to take a separate session called "Save-A-Baby." Since Andrew already has CPR training, he isn't going to go to this, but I am.

We found out last week that our renter in Sterling has to move out. So, once again, we're left with an empty house. I just skipped the whole rental thing this time and contacted a realtor. I hope we're able to sell it soon. I wish we could keep it, for sentimental reasons, but it is just so hard to manage from here and is becoming a headache. It would be nice to sell it and get a little cash so we could properly finish our upstairs!

For some strange reason, my body has decided to be queasy again (Andrew says, "hm, you must be pregnant"). The past three days, I have strugged with my fridge and with eating breakfast. I'm going to try taking the B vitamins again and see if that helps. I was hoping to be over this by now, and so far I haven't gotten sick, but I have sure felt like it! I'm just thankful that I do feel better by evening, so I can get some things done around the house. Also, by the time 9 pm rolls around, I feel so exhausted! I'm going to try getting lots of sleep tonight and see if it helps this washed out feeling I still have. I am very thankful to be over my cold! Yeah yeah yeah! I've got to work on staying healthy for the rest of this pregnancy, because that was miserable!

Andrew had his yearly dentist appointment this morning. He is cavity free! We've been using the Epic system (gum and toothpaste) and it seems to have lived up to its cavity free guarantee. It uses xylitol instead of fluride (which I've been reading lately how bad this is). I'm about ready to order some more. I have my dentist appointment next week, so hopefully I get the same report, as we don't have dental insurance anymore!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I believe I had my first pregnancy dream last night. In my dream, we already had the baby but I was searching high and low and we could not find any diapers or wipes, and we NEEDED them! That's really all I remember about the dream. It's funny because we already have some diapers (since we're planning on using cloth diapers) but I guess it's because we don't have wipes yet.

I'm starting to feel like we're having a girl. I'm not sure what is leading me to these thoughts. Anyway, only 23 more days and we'll know. I just hope the ultrasound isn't wrong!!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Yea! I am finally feeling much better. I prayed so hard for God to clear my ears and He did on Sunday morning! I woke up with a clear ear and told Andrew that I felt like having a party! It's been a little sensitive since then but has remained clear and I'm very thankful! I'm still tired but that could be because I didn't get to bed until about 11:30 pm last night and I still had to wake up at 6:15 for work!

I had an experience with tight pants this weekend, so while I was down at tri-county, getting measured for my bridesmaid dress, I stopped by a maternity store. I found a pair of pants and although they're still pretty loose and I have to keep pulling them up, I am in LOVE with how comfortable they are. I just need to do laundry so I can have the pants clean that I know fit me still. From what I've read, the baby will double in size during these next three weeks, so at least I have some pants to fit, just in case things grow faster than I imagine. I'm so very excited for our next prenatal appointment and ultrasound on September 20. I hope the time goes fast!

Andrew and I are finally getting away this weekend for our long awaited camping trip. Some friends of ours are planning on joining us for one night. I've already made a list of things to bring with us. We're planning on taking Dewey, so it should be fun! I'm excited for him to use the doggy door in our tent. I just hope he doesn't bark in the middle of the night due to strange noises. I'm looking forward to relaxing for a few days. The weather is supposed to be pleasant, so I hope the forecast doesn't change.

Thats all for now!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

About Me

Want to know about me? Here it goes . . .

I had a wonderful, loving childhood on a farm in rural Kansas with my parents, sister, brother grandparents, and lots of cats and dogs.

I went to a small private Christian College where I met my hubby. We married the year before I was a senior.

I worked at my alma mater for 1 1/2 years. That's when I began to blog at the prompting of my sister.

In November 2005, we moved to Ohio. In August of 2006, we began the adventure of building our own house.

We completed our house in March of 2007. We got pregnant with the precious baby girl in May of 2007 and I puked a lot! :)

Abigail was born in early February of 2008 and that's my story up until now.

This blog chronicles my life as a working mom just trying to make things run smoothly at home and at work! My relationship with Christ is the most important thing to me. I am also deeply in love with my husband!

My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my husband and daughter. Following in second place are things like reading, taking bubble baths, watching a good movie, blogging (yeah), organizing (I'm a freak, I know), traveling, budgeting (ok, I'm really a freak since I LOVE this) and teaching Sunday School at my church (yeah,

Friday, August 24, 2007

3rd Prenatal Appointment Update

I saw the midwife again today for another routine check-up. I have lost 1/2 pound since my last appointment (yea!), my blood pressure was good, etc. We heard the baby's heartbeat again today and it was nice and strong. She found it right away, as the baby has definitely moved up a bit. I've noticed my pants are tighter! I also asked her about my cold. She said that she has done a lot of research on the immune system during pregnancy and has discovered that it is a bit lowered so the body doesn't attack the baby. So, what takes a person 7 to 10 days to get over, will take a pregnant lady about 14 to 20 days. She said to give my cold another week, and if it doesn't clear up to call them and she would check me out again. The biggest news of the day is that on September 20, 2007, we will find out the sex of our baby!! That is when my 20 week ultrasound and appointment is. We have to go downtown to Christ hospital for it, and I will have to see another doctor in the practice, instead of the midwife, for this appointment. This all seems so surreal to me, like it is happening to someone else (but I'm very glad it's happening to me!!). Perhaps it is just because I'm still living in a tunnel (plugged ear). It has popped a few times today, so I'm taking that as a sign that it is trying to clear up. Andrew issued me a challenge today to try and drink 16 cups of water. A little tea is part of that. I've had about 6 1/2 cups so far, so I've just got to keep pace. It's probably good for me to keep swallowing.

Ok, that's all for now. I can't wait until our next appointment!!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's still a battle!

My cold is not clearing up like I thought it would but it could be much worse, so I'm trying to not complain and be too much of a baby but, as usual, I'm failing at that. I did break down today and visit the doctor (gasp!). I have nothing infected (sinuses, ears, lungs, etc) so there is nothing they can give me. I was actually impressed with this doctor because she did not try to force any antibiotics or other drugs on me, just because I came to the office. I didn't need them so I didn't get them and I like that. I also got to spend plenty of time with her. She is a family doctor so perhaps we'll consider listing them as our child's doctor as well! As were still debating the vaccination issue, I wonder what she thinks about it. Anyway, not much else is going on. I'm trying to just lay low (literally, in my bed!!) and let my immune system fight this stuff. It will help not to have voice lessons to give in the evenings! :) I can tell I'm getting a bit better since I am actually thinking about other things such as mowing and cooking. Even though I don't feel like doing them, at least they are being considered. All for now folks!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I have been hit hard by a terrible summer cold. Ugh! I'm back at work today feeling better but still a bit sluggish and achy (mainly my ear). I am now determined to find a way to keep my immune system boosted so I can stay healthy this winter. This was not much fun. I did recently read that pregnant women have a slightly lowered immune system, in order to protect the baby from the woman's body. So far, Andrew has been fine. I thought he might catch it but since it's been almost a week since I started feeling bad, I think he might be in the clear. I know I need to do better at eating healthy foods and taking regular supplements (besides my prenatal vitamins). The poor baby has probably been rattled a lot, due to my constant coughing! I've also discovered that the things they "allow" a pregnant woman to take for colds during pregnancy don't really have any ingredients in them that work! You can't take the good stuff! I tried some Tylenol cough syrup and about 2 minutes later, my cough was worse. Needless to say, I didn't take that again! So far water has been the best thing: drinking it, hot showers, hot baths, hot towels on my ear, etc! Andrew is getting lots of good experience being a nurse. His best advice, which probably has some truth to it, is to just relax!

I received my Mei Tai carrier! I tried it out with Casey the doll and works great with her! :) Perhaps when I'm feeling better, I'll get Andrew to take some pictures of me and the carrier!

Only 4 more weeks until we find out the sex of the baby!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm so tired I can't think of a good title!

First of all, my car died on me yesterday while I was running an errand. My husband rescued me by picking me up from work, buying a new battery and installing it. The car is fine now! Then I got a terrible sore throat last night. I went to sleep very early (fell asleep around 9pm) but woke up quite a bit because of the fire in my throat. I thought about taking a single Tylenol but I resisted and just gargled with salt water a few times during the night. I slept in this morning and just came in to work late. I felt ok while lying in bed reading but definitely feel worse at work so I am definitely fighting something. That's how it goes, isn't it?! Well, I'm enjoying some decaf tea this afternoon and will see how far I make it into the day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Family Visit

We had a wonderful weekend visit from my family. We went to the Cincinnati Museum Center on Friday, and to the Creation Museum on Saturday. The rest of the time we spent just hanging out, playing cards, swimming, and talking about babies. It was so much fun and I feel very sad that they are gone, so I can't think about that too much (since I'm at work!). I would especially like to thank my wonderful mother who cleaned out my evil fridge and made it smell as nice as possible. I think she also polished my stove! I appreciate all of them making the long journey to come and visit us and see our house. It was so much fun and I already miss them a lot!

The pregnancy seems to be going fine. I am feeling a bit better. I still have a few moments of nausea and tiredness but it is much much better than it used to be. I feel pretty tired right now but we had a busy weekend. I'll catch up on my rest this week! :) I have been feeling lots of stretching and pulling and my tummy area has definitely gotten bigger but I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment (yeah, yeah, yeah), so I guess that is what is supposed to happen! We have 5 more weeks until we find out the sex of the baby. I feel so nervous and excited for that moment. I have an appointment a week from this Friday and I'll find out then, exactly when that day will be, but I know they do the ultrasound at 20 weeks. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow, so only 5 weeks to go before we know for sure! If any family member is reading this and doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, they had better warn us ahead of time and we'll try our best to keep it a secret from those people.

I ordered a few more cloth diapers today. One of them comes with a cloth diapering guide, which will be useful. I wish I had a real baby that I could test all of this on, but I guess that is coming in the future. My mom left my favorite doll with me, so at least I have a model. We're getting much closer to having enough newborn sized diapers to work for us. I need to start collecting a few more size small, because you never know how long he/she will stay in the newborn size! Could be a week! :) I also bought a Mei Tai carrier. I have done lots of research on carriers and we're both pretty excited about "wearing" our baby rather than using a bulky carrier. There was one I looked at with all these metal bars and stuff and looked horrible! I have been taking advice from someone else who has done a lot of baby wearing, so I feel pretty confident in these choices. I plan to also purchase a Moby carrier (perhaps even after the baby arrives) because these look so secure and comfortable, and maybe a sling carrier for the newborn and very small infant stage. We'll see.

We have not caught or seen any mice or evidence of mice since Thursday morning. I hope this means that they are gone!! I'm going to set a few more traps, just to be sure, but we were seeing fresh poop daily and we haven't seen any since we caught the one in the trap. I'm still a bit scared of going out in the mudroom area or in the trash pantry. I need Andrew to help me clean up that area, as the mouse shredded a few paper items in there and I don't really want to go exploring. I stuffed a few openings with steel wool but I'm about ready to use the expanding foam to really seal them! I HATE mice! I hope I can start to feel comfortable again soon. I might just have to get over things!

Ok, this was a really long update! Have a good day!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

400th post!

I have sad news to bear upon the anniversary of my 400th post. A war to end all wars has erupted at our house because I discovered this morning . . . our house is not mouse free! I actually saw one (the first time EVER) this morning, when I was headed to let Dewey out of the laundry room. Andrew was able to let it out the back door (I was still streaming in the bathroom) and he said it was very small. I cannot express with words the loathing that I feel when it comes to varmits of any kind living in my dwelling! I actually don't even feel like going home tonight! It is horrible horrible! So, we set another trap (I'm going to buy more at lunch, probably way more than the rational mind would conceive as necessary) and will hopefully get rid of them. I'm about to turn out a huge bowl of poison on them, but I am fearful of my dog eating it. Andrew theory (which does make me feel better) is that since I plugged the hole in the garage (where we thought the mice might be coming in) last night, the mouse today couldn't find a way out of the house. I am also going on another hunt today for expanding foam. Soon our house will be sided with expanding foam instead of vinyl siding. Don't put it past me!

This is WAR! I did not put this much time, effort, and money into this house to suddently have it invaded by the most unwelcome guests imaginable!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

He Came, He Stole, We Conquered!

We finally . . . . finally caught our mouse last night! I had set a "traditional" trap in the garbage pantry floor (we have a food pantry and another pantry where our garbage can is) and we got him. Things didn't work out as perfectly as I had wanted, because I was actually the one to discover the dead mouse this morning, as I was working on my crockpot chili for tonight. I admit that I am still a big baby about mice, so I screamed and ran to get Andrew to throw it away. I am hoping against all hope that this was the only mouse in our house and that we can block the one passage way that I think he used. It certainly was a relief to catch him. Maybe it will now be safe for me to purchase more rubber spatulas without them being nibbled on!
Special thanks: to Wayne who set the first two traps (although they didn't work), to Andrew who set the next four traps (which didn't work) and is brave enough to clean up any dead mouse parts, and to my parents, Grandma Myers, and Andrew's Aunt Anne, who all offered their cats, if we were unable to catch the mouse!
RIP little thief!

Monday, August 06, 2007


We made so much progress upstairs this weekend! I painted the bathroom on Saturday night, and the ceiling on Sunday. Then Wayne and Susan came over to help us tile the bathroom floor. Susan also trimmed the "baby's" room, which will also serve as a guest room for my parents this weekend. The tile is down in the bathroom and Andrew will grout it tonight. The toilet and vanity will go in on Tuesday night. We aren't going to worry about doing the shower at this time, although you all know how much I can't wait to use the bathtub, so I might push for that sooner rather than later! I wish I had pictures, but we were lazy and didn't take any, in the midst of painting and tiling. Perhaps I can get a few in tonight. I feel like I'm starving now, so I'll actually go eat my lunch during my lunch break.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Settling Down!

I'm looking forward to settling down into a routine after this baby arrives. I was thinking about our lives these past few years and all the changes we've had. Of course, I realize that we are about to go through one of the biggest life changes possible: a new baby.
2003: Got married and Andrew got a new job.
2004: Went to Europe, I got a new job, and we bought our first house.
2005: We quit our jobs in Sterling, Andrew got a new job, went back to school, and we moved to Ohio.
2006: I got a new job. We bought land and started building our new house.
2007: We finished building our own house and discovered that we're having a baby!
I feel like I've been through plenty of life changes to last a while now!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yea, Yea, Yea!

I am beginning to feel a bit more normal. I hope that I'm not jinxing this by mentioning it, but I hope it's the end of the queasiness. I still felt a bit funny this morning but have certainly perked up after lunch and I don't feel like dropping to the middle of the floor for a nap! Hopefully I won't take my new found energy for granted and start to overdue it (I've had visions of me finishing the painting in the baby's room tonight)! :)

Our project for this weekend is the upstairs bathroom. I absolutely cannot wait until this is done and I can use my new, very deep, bathtub! We are hoping to get the tile in, so we can get the toilet in, before my family comes for a visit this weekend. I'm very excited about having them come and visit. It will be the first time that my parents and brother have seen our new house! Too bad it's not finished! Oh well!

I'm beginning to order a few baby things so that we don't have a huge cost all at once. I'm also trying to only buy things that I don't think anyone else will buy! I ordered a few premade cloth diapers and glass bottles (no plastic for us!) this week. I'm excited for them to arrive to finally see how this "type" of cloth diaper works.

Ok, I guess that's it for today. Maybe I'll be really ambitious and take pictures of the upstairs bathroom progress tonight, but I'm not making any promises. My lunch break is about over! Bye for now!