Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Babies are Crazy!

This past weekend we had some excitement (not the good kind) in our house. It was Friday night and Andrew was preparing himself to keep all three kids while I headed off to a Glow in the Dark Zumba party (yes, it would have been as fun as it sounds). I went upstairs to change and to get away from the screaming and questions for a while - just keeping it honest here.

I hear Andrew call for me "Jaime get down here, quick. I need your little fingers." I don't think I have ever heard his voice that panicked. My mind instantly thought, "Noah is choking on something". Sure enough, he was choking on something. By the time I got my fingers in his mouth it was gone. There was drool hanging from his mouth to the floor - tinged the blood. Not a pretty sight. Andrew held him up and I said "well, he is breathing". We never were able to see what it was he was choking on.

We watched him for a while and he seemed okay. Perhaps a bit uncomfortable from the experience. I asked Andrew if he thought I should still go to my party and he said "just go if you're going to go". Okay then, I'll go.

Drove there, signed in and got a text from Andrew, "I wouldn't mind it if you came home now. Noah likes his crying." My husband is so low key that for the regular person that sort of a text would mean, "EMERGENCY, GET HOME NOW. I'M GOING CRAZY." Or maybe that's just me.

So I headed home. Noah had been crying a lot when I got there but I was able to calm him down and get him to sleep.

He woke an hour later very fussy and uncomfortable. His breathing was fine but I was concerned he had swallowed something and it was stuck. So I made the decision to take him to the ER. I say "I" in this instance because Andrew would probably never take a kid to a medical professional to check them out "just in case". He was okay with me going, though. :)

X-ray's showed nothing and many people listened to his breathing in the ER and he was fine. We came home and he slept okay that night but was a little restless.

Several days passed and I kept checking diapers in order to try to solve the mystery of what he may have swallowed. Yesterday, I found this . . .

It is a smallish stem from a rose, complete with thorns! See?! Why would anyone put that in their mouth and then swallow!? No wonder he seemed to be in pain!!

I did end up calling the doctor because I was concerned his insides would be all torn up. He said that if he wasn't bleeding or showing any other signs of great distress then he was probably okay. Hmm!

It is really an understatement to say that my life has changed. It really changed when Noah started crawling but now I realize just how much he can and will get into. This is not all. I have pulled a bandaid (yuck), rock, piece of tin foil, and Kleenex from his mouth in the last week.

I don't suppose I can accurately describe how much this stresses me out. I usually vacuum every day. Not necessarily every room every day but in the general area where we live and eat, I do. One day, I completely cleared the living room of everything except giant huge toys, set Noah down, walked out to get something and I turned around only to find him chewing on a pen!! I do believe Elsie had given it to him. With other kids, even if I get a room completely clean and babyproofed, it can be destroyed in minutes!

Abigail is good at helping but she is the one that has a lot of the "little" things that need to be kept safe, such as jewelry, etc. Whew! I feel unable to leave him for more than a moment or two. Makes me craaaazy!!

I am so torn everyday because my baaaaby is growing up so fast and I want it to slow down. He is such a darling but yet I am not in love with this stage. Even when I am pretty stern with him and tell him "no" he will still stick things in his mouth while I watch. He is cruising the furniture easily so he will probably be walking soon (sniff sniff) and then this stage will be over.

So . . . that's the most recent adventure in our house.

If I'm not blogging much it is because I'm cleaning the floors!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Abigail 'isms"

I am down with a pretty bad cold at the moment. We've been sick for months it seems and I don't think Noah's lack of sleeping is helping me much. Last night I was also awakened by a little darling girl named Abigail. She came up at midnight saying she was having a hard time sleeping. I was so congested and had just been up with Noah (for his ever 2 hour awakenings) so I just said, "Please go back to bed". She got a hug and did what I asked.

Then she also came up at 4:45 am. She woke me up and said to me . . .

"Mama, I was just laying there in my bed and I heard my underwear fall off."


So I followed her down to her room and sure enough, she was not wearing underwear.

I helped her get some on and put her back to bed and didn't hear from her until 8 am.

I asked her about it again this morning and she said that her underwear fell off because she had been getting ready to take a bath and they had gotten a little wet. I felt the "old" underwear (which I found in her bed) last night and they weren't wet and neither was the bed.

I told her she must have been dreaming!

Funny girl!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dearest Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy

Dearest Sweetest Darling Nine-month-old Boy,

You are my joy, my sweetness, my kissable one. I love seeing you all hours of the day and night. But, if you would, ever so kindly, perhaps learn to sleep a little more at night?! I love looking at your wee little bonnie face as you sleep in my arms during the midnight hours, however, I'd much prefer to only see you once or twice, maybe, instead of your usual four times and last night I saw it six times.

You see, you have these adorable other little people in your life called your sisters. They need my attention too. They need my patience and a gentle yet firm mother and to be quite honest, my boy, a lot of those wonderful qualities don't come naturally to me. Which means, when I'm lacking sleep, which I am so often doing, I find myself running short, particularly with your darling lovely sisters. It is not their fault, you see. They sleep at night (usually).

So if you would help me out on this, pretty please. Perhaps it is my fault for still insisting that I rock you to sleep and nurse you to sleep when you wake a night but you're my last little darling baby and I savor those times. Help me savor them more by sleeping better! Your daddy thinks that I need to let you cry and at some point, he's going to get his way if I keep complaining about sleep!! :)

I love you more than words can say. You will never be far from my thoughts and prayers each day even as you grow older. Know that my love for you will never change. Know that you'll always be welcome home with open arms. Know that Jesus Christ loves you more than I do (unimaginable, I know!). You are a loved and spoiled on little boy who brings us immense joy! I mean look at that picture! Makes me want to go wake you from your nap and kiss you because I know that someday that won't be as "cool" to do.

Sleepily yours,

Your Mama

Monday, February 06, 2012

Splashing Frenzy!

My little boy is a splashing maniac! See???!!!

We're all on the mend from our colds around here. Noah and Elsie still have slight coughs and runny noses but I can tell they are starting to feel better. I know that my kids will get sick. That is inevitable but I just want a break now! A few weeks . . .please!!! The kids all started some immunity boosting drops from our doctor tonight so I hope they help (and that I didn't waste my money!).

Enjoy the video and my darling little happy bundle of baby love!!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Abigail

Dear Sweet Princess,

It's your 4th birthday (well the day after, actually)! How did you get so old, girly? You are such a precious joy to me.

You love to help! You love to help cook and clean. You love to especially help take care of the "babies". You frequently ask me to "watch my Noey for a while" so you can do something else. Ha ha! You love to take care of Elsie too (most of the time). Tonight when you were opening your presents she wanted your new purse. Instead of screaming at her and ripping it away, you found another little purse she could have and distracted her with that purse and said "Here you go sweetie". You are so loving!

You are a girly girl! You love to dress up. You have recently discovered princesses and dancing! Your favorite thing is dresses that sparkle and balloon out when you twirl! You are very smart too. You have jumped right into your dance class and can keep up well with the other girls even though you started at the midway point.

You love geography and maps. You love to figure out where people live and talk about visiting them.You love playing outside, although it's rather cold for that right now.

You're still not the best sleeper. You will still wake us up often needing something or not being able to sleep but you're getting better. You eat what I cook but you still don't like to feed yourself and often ask for "help". We're working on that!

You are so tall. You are wearing a size 6 or size 7 clothes!

Abigail, I want you to know how much I love you and how much Jesus loves you. Never forget the ultimate sacrifice that He made for you by dying for your sins on the cross. My prayer for you is that you live a purposeful life, one that is in fulfillment of the purpose God created you for. He created you and He created you such a special little being! I can't wait to help you grow along the way and discover the many wonderful gifts He has blessed you with.

Your Momma

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sick of sick!

I am so sick of sickness. Elsie caught a cold two weeks ago and shared it with the rest of us. She seemed better this weekend but now her nose is running more, has a nasty cough and fever. Noah is coughing again too. Ugh!

Might be heading to the doctor tomorrow - Abigail's birthday!

I am so ready for summer!