Monday, February 13, 2012

Dearest Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy

Dearest Sweetest Darling Nine-month-old Boy,

You are my joy, my sweetness, my kissable one. I love seeing you all hours of the day and night. But, if you would, ever so kindly, perhaps learn to sleep a little more at night?! I love looking at your wee little bonnie face as you sleep in my arms during the midnight hours, however, I'd much prefer to only see you once or twice, maybe, instead of your usual four times and last night I saw it six times.

You see, you have these adorable other little people in your life called your sisters. They need my attention too. They need my patience and a gentle yet firm mother and to be quite honest, my boy, a lot of those wonderful qualities don't come naturally to me. Which means, when I'm lacking sleep, which I am so often doing, I find myself running short, particularly with your darling lovely sisters. It is not their fault, you see. They sleep at night (usually).

So if you would help me out on this, pretty please. Perhaps it is my fault for still insisting that I rock you to sleep and nurse you to sleep when you wake a night but you're my last little darling baby and I savor those times. Help me savor them more by sleeping better! Your daddy thinks that I need to let you cry and at some point, he's going to get his way if I keep complaining about sleep!! :)

I love you more than words can say. You will never be far from my thoughts and prayers each day even as you grow older. Know that my love for you will never change. Know that you'll always be welcome home with open arms. Know that Jesus Christ loves you more than I do (unimaginable, I know!). You are a loved and spoiled on little boy who brings us immense joy! I mean look at that picture! Makes me want to go wake you from your nap and kiss you because I know that someday that won't be as "cool" to do.

Sleepily yours,

Your Mama


Anonymous said...

Dear Darling Daughter and Fantastic Mother of my Schechter Grandchildren,

Your letter to Noah was precious, and I feel your pain, but....

I hate to take Andrew's side over yours :), but I think he's probably right--this time. I'm afraid little Noah isn't going to learn how to sleep all night without some tough love.

Jenny was doing the same thing at that age. When I asked my brother the doctor for advice, he said, "She's developed a habit of waking up. You're going to have to let her cry." We did, and it helped a lot. Letting her cry was heart breaking, but her waking up at night was getting out of hand. It only took a few nights of that.

I'm just glad I don't have to be there to listen to Noah cry. Would solid food before bedtime help? I know your milk is better for him than anything else he could eat, but he might digest it too easily, leaving an empty stomach.

One other question: have you reread your "sleep" book for tips you might have forgotten?

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

He eats solids for dinner every night so he will be full for bedtime. We have let him cry some but not very consistently so maybe that is the key. :(