Thursday, February 16, 2012

Abigail 'isms"

I am down with a pretty bad cold at the moment. We've been sick for months it seems and I don't think Noah's lack of sleeping is helping me much. Last night I was also awakened by a little darling girl named Abigail. She came up at midnight saying she was having a hard time sleeping. I was so congested and had just been up with Noah (for his ever 2 hour awakenings) so I just said, "Please go back to bed". She got a hug and did what I asked.

Then she also came up at 4:45 am. She woke me up and said to me . . .

"Mama, I was just laying there in my bed and I heard my underwear fall off."


So I followed her down to her room and sure enough, she was not wearing underwear.

I helped her get some on and put her back to bed and didn't hear from her until 8 am.

I asked her about it again this morning and she said that her underwear fell off because she had been getting ready to take a bath and they had gotten a little wet. I felt the "old" underwear (which I found in her bed) last night and they weren't wet and neither was the bed.

I told her she must have been dreaming!

Funny girl!

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