Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Abigail

Dear Sweet Princess,

It's your 4th birthday (well the day after, actually)! How did you get so old, girly? You are such a precious joy to me.

You love to help! You love to help cook and clean. You love to especially help take care of the "babies". You frequently ask me to "watch my Noey for a while" so you can do something else. Ha ha! You love to take care of Elsie too (most of the time). Tonight when you were opening your presents she wanted your new purse. Instead of screaming at her and ripping it away, you found another little purse she could have and distracted her with that purse and said "Here you go sweetie". You are so loving!

You are a girly girl! You love to dress up. You have recently discovered princesses and dancing! Your favorite thing is dresses that sparkle and balloon out when you twirl! You are very smart too. You have jumped right into your dance class and can keep up well with the other girls even though you started at the midway point.

You love geography and maps. You love to figure out where people live and talk about visiting them.You love playing outside, although it's rather cold for that right now.

You're still not the best sleeper. You will still wake us up often needing something or not being able to sleep but you're getting better. You eat what I cook but you still don't like to feed yourself and often ask for "help". We're working on that!

You are so tall. You are wearing a size 6 or size 7 clothes!

Abigail, I want you to know how much I love you and how much Jesus loves you. Never forget the ultimate sacrifice that He made for you by dying for your sins on the cross. My prayer for you is that you live a purposeful life, one that is in fulfillment of the purpose God created you for. He created you and He created you such a special little being! I can't wait to help you grow along the way and discover the many wonderful gifts He has blessed you with.

Your Momma

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful letter! It was so heart-warming to read your loving thoughts about my little granddaughter.

Love, Mom