Friday, March 13, 2009

Grateful Friday

This is going to be short and sweet. Abigail is waking up from her nap and we're getting ready to have lunch and run errands!

I'm grateful for:
  • our good health.
  • a lovely and warm home to live in.
  • our bright future.
  • fun weekend plans.
  • our small group from church (friends).
  • our jobs.
  • our families!
  • the study we're going through at church. Seriously, it's wonderful.

Abigail loves getting cards! Seriously, if you ever wondered if people really read the cards that you sent to them . . . be assured . . . she reads them - Over and over again! She carries them around the house, brings them to us to read to her, and looks at them over and over. So, thanks for all the birthday cards - she is still reading them!!

Abigail is getting ready to read a card sent by Great Aunt Linda.

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