Monday, November 21, 2005

So many things to blog about . . . so little time!

Wow, so our lives have been so fast paced lately. We have been trying to fit in all of our favorite things this past week. The packing is beginning to come to a conclusion and I think I can get the rest of what we don't need this week, packed tonight. Andrew has played games/paintball, etc for the past few nights and will again on Tuesday. He sweet talked me into agreeing to let him play again last night and at our house. While he was being so super nice to me, I reminded him that I expected this treatment daily but well . . . no such luck. Anyway, not that he isn't nice to me, he is but it was just extra nice to me.

Better get back to work. Hopefully I will have a better update sometime soon. Between packing, working (extra because of the panic that has been caused from my leaving), applying for jobs, cleaning, etc, I haven't had too much time for blogging.

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