Friday, November 18, 2005

Top 10 Things I appreciate about Kansas

I decided to write out a few of the wonderful things I appreciate about Kansas, now that I am leaving. This doesn't mean that other states don't have wonderful things to offer, but that is another post. These aren't in any particular order.

10) Being able to see where you are going. Roads are straight, little or no trees, so it is harder to get lost. Straight roads are more safe than curvey ones! :)

9) Beautiful wheat in the summertime. I LOVE walking through the wheatfields when they were turning golden.

8) Open AND friendly. Kansans are very open and honest people in a kind sort of way. I REALLY appreciate that. What point is there in being someone's friend if you don't know the real person. It is so much more meaningful to like the whole person and not just a front they put on.

7) Close to Colorado. Sure, Kansas may not have mountains but we can drive there in a fairly short amount of time.

6) The Warren. Yes, Wichita is host to the best movie theatre's ever (in my opinion). Everyone should experience them at least once. We are going there tonight, actually, with some friends (see number 8).

5) Values and beliefs. Kansans are very strong in their beliefs. I am proud to have grown up in the CENTER of the Bible belt! Not the edges! :)

4) Work Ethic. These people don't have it easy (most of them anyway) and don't shy away from hard work. With this comes a wonderful unselfishness that is very refreshing!

3) Sterling College. This state plays host to (in my unbiased and humble opinion) one of the countries greatest private colleges. This town and area are so unique. They have been through so many struggles through the years and it has built such an incredible character into this place.

2) Equally close to everywhere. It is easier to get places from here versus, let's say, living on the east coast and taking a trip to California. Much easier just to live in Kansas and visit other places.

1) Roy's Pit BBQ! (of which I will have some tomorrow). I am not a barbeque expert but out of all the barbeque's I have had, Roy's is the BEST!


Anonymous said...

That is a great post, Jaime. Those are many of the same things that I love about Kansas, although I would have to add that Kansas was the home of my wonderful husband for the first 11 years of his life!
Love, Susan

Andronicus said...

good stuff.......I miss Roy's Pit bbq...and I also think Kansas is unfairly picked on........"It's time to start feeling good about Kansas"-Dr. Marsh sometime in the 90's