Monday, August 31, 2009

Other Updates

After our wild and crazy weekend, I almost forgot to update the other things we learned at Abigail's doctor's appointment.

  • She weighs 25 pounds (50% for weight - completely average).
  • She is 34 inches long (97% for height - she's tall - we knew this).
  • She has a big head. I don't remember exactly what the measurement was but it was the 99% for head circumfrence. I was a bit distracted during the appointment because I kept wondering when she'd throw up next.
I talked to him about her immunity, that she seems to be sick so often. He asked what she did while I was at work and when I said "daycare part-time" he said that sounds like the problem. Now, I just have to say that I think our daycare is the best there is but still, lots of kids mean lots of germs.

I guess we'll see if Abigail's sickness frequency improves when she's home with me. I understand that kids/people are just going to get sick but she's been down for three weeks now, with three different illnesses. That seems like a lot!

I believe I am now officially a fantasy football widow for the next oh . . . 4 or 5 months. Andrew had his draft yesterday afternoon, during which Abigail was terribly cranky and whiney (no matter what I did) and kept asking for "dada" so we went to his office to see him . . . where he promptly asked me if we could leave. Ha! He actually said it nicer than that - "How long are you planning to stay?" So we left. Abigail and I played outside a lot yesterday afternoon because of the beautiful weather. I just wish I had more energy and stamina!


Jennifer said...

Aaron & my brother drafted with him yesterday. For some crazy reason, my brother thought they'd only be gone an hour. HA!!!

Laura said...

I am a fantasy football widow as well. However, it only gets worse when basketball season comes around. My theory: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! :) I drafted a team yesterday. as well.

Jaime said...

Hmm, yes I did hear his voice for the short few seconds we were allowed in his office. My husband has a serious issue with noise (oh boy, is he in for it with another kiddo) and couldn't handle Abigail's quiet babbling during the draft.

Laura, unfortunately, I'd lose every week. I do enjoy watching a game of football every so often but I'm not sure I have the brain power at the present time to keep up with that!

Andrew said...

I can handle the noise, but when I am on a speakerphone with 9 other people, constant attention must be paid.