Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Results Thus Far . . . *Updated*

*Updated: I just added a few more names. These haven't been Andrew approved yet so he may hate them. Just thought I'd see what people thought! I think I'll post the meanings today or tomorrow.*

(Click on link below to see new names).

I thought I'd post the baby name results for those who can't see them. Of course, this is just as it stands so far. It will be interesting to see if more people vote in the days ahead.

Girl Audrey Schechter 13 + 7 +
Girl Claire Schechter 13 + 5 +
Girl Charlotte Schechter 8 + 9 +
Girl Ellen Schechter 8 + 11 +
Girl Eliana Schechter 6 + 12 +
Girl Elaine Schechter 4 + 13 +
Girl Faith Schechter 10 + 8 +
Girl Felicity Schechter 4 + 14 +
Girl Hannah Schechter 12 + 7 +
Girl Inara Schechter 7 + 11 +
Girl Joelle Schechter 1 + 16 +
Girl Karis Schechter 9 + 8 +
Girl Lily Schechter 13 + 6 +
Girl Lainey Schechter 8 + 10 +
Girl Lucy Schechter 10 + 9 +
Girl Nora Schechter 7 + 12 +
Girl Olivia Schechter 9 + 8 +
Girl Sadie Schechter 12 + 7 +
Girl Tiffany Schechter 5 + 13 +
Girl Zoe Schechter 4 + 14 +

In all honesty, I'm a little shocked at the results. :) Of course, now I can think of a few more that we talked about that aren't on here but I guess they weren't big considerations. I can't redo the list now! :)

At some point (not today), I want to put up the meanings of some of these, which might explain why we chose a few of the "weirder" ones.

Voting is still open. Click here to vote:

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Amanda @ My Everyday said...

Wow, I wouldn't say any of those names are weird, which ones are you talking about?? LOL

Melanie said...

I showed Chuck the name list last night and our overall pick (without seeing all the meanings, which I completely understand as I don't even consider a name if I don't like the meaning) was Audrey. We thought it sounded best with Schechter and it would be cute paired with Abigail. Just thought I'd throw his non-offical vote in :) This was fun!

Schenk Family said...

I love a lot of the names but I love Audrey and Eliana which is actually on my list of favorites. And Abigail is getting so big I can't believe it. I also like Zoe we just always thought it sounded weird with Schenk but I guess if you think about it some day there name will change anyway. Can't wait to hear what you pick I love name stuff like this!

Jaime said...

Amanda: I guess I was thinking of Inara as the weirdest (least popular) one.

Melanie, it is cracking me up that Chuck is looking at our baby names and voting. Seriously! I'm laughing. How are you doing?! You should start a blog. :)

Candice: Thanks! Yes, at least we think our daughters will change their names . . . never know, I guess.

Hello World! said...

I wish I would have done this with my boys! Hope you are liking the names that everyone likes