Friday, August 28, 2009

What a day . . .

My poor girl just can't seem to get well.

She woke up this morning with another temp (100). We had a doctor's appointment anyway so I took her downstairs to start the day.

I tried to put her in the high chair for breakfast but she resisted (that's when I knew something was up). I tried to intice her with blueberries and toast but she wouldn't eat.

Then the vomiting started! She hasn't kept anything down since then. She did drink a whole cup of coconut milk and kept it down for about an hour but then started acting cranky and I guess that didn't sit well either.


Thankfully she is a sleep right now, which is a blessing. I hope she can shake this thing quickly, poor girl.

I'm off to do laundry before we run out of towels that she can throw-up into. She doesn't get the toilet or trash can idea. Believe me, I tried. She only fought me harder and we got into quite a mess which ended up with me changing all of my clothes, including underwear. It was not pretty!

(P.S. We actually made it to the doctor but that wasn't pretty either. She vomited four times in the car but not once in the doctor's office.)

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