Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Almost up and running . . .

My computer at home is almost back up and running. My wonderful, talented, genius-of-a husband was actually able to extract most (all?) of the data off of the hard drive last night so . . . yeah for not loosing everything.

I wasn't upset about that at first (when we thought we'd lost everything after June 1) and then I thought of all my Quicken entries and my budget spreadsheets that I have done since then. It would have taken some extensive time and brain power to do those all again, so I'm very glad he got them.

I took some video and pictures of our girl last night. I'll try to post those when my computer is functioning again.

I may not have time tonight, however because:

My parents and brother are coming for a visit. Yeah!

We are also still cleaning out our "old" office (aka. Abigail's new room) where my brother will sleep when they all arrive. And . . . I suppose I ought to do a bit of cleaning and spend time with my daughter.

Boy . . . it's a rainy day!

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