Monday, August 03, 2009

Yes, I'm blogging about this again . . .

I have been a very good girl lately. I have been very conservative when it comes to buying things for Abigail. She definitely has plenty of clothes to last through the summer but there are so many cute things. However, I resisted buying them because she already had "enough" (which actually translates to more than enough in our culture).

However . . . I might have to break down because


Abigail only has one size left to go before she can no longer wear Pedipeds (she can still squeeze into her 12-18 month size but the 18-24 month size is a little too big still). She has almost worn through the two pair she has in her current size. Seems like these would be great for the winter.

I looked for them on ebay, however, to no avail and they are $40 new! Yikes. That is more than I spend on my own shoes. I guess I'll just wait and see what extra money I can come up with in the budget. I guess I can justify it a little bit by saying that I will have two girls that will wear these! :)

P.S. I spent Sunday sorting through old baby clothes and I have to take a picture and show it. It is quite astonishing how many clothes we have for a girl under 1 year old. Astonishing!

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