Thursday, August 06, 2009

Worshipping the One True God

This is an excellent blog post.

Many times, I cannot find the words to express what I mean, so I read things from others and discern for myself if it rings true to my heart and the post above certainly does. Please read/skim it!

This is a subject that is on my mind often as we are raising one daughter and in the process of bringing daughter #2 in the world.

Obviously, I like cute things but my heart's true desire is to teach my daughters not to worship the god of materialism but to worship the God of truth.

I don't want to be un-fun (is that word?), dumpy, frumpy or any of the other terms used for someone who is not "kept" well but I do not want my emphasis to be there.

Andrew and I had a lovely (not being sarcastic) conversation about it at the Red's game we went to the other night and it was enlightening. I am thrilled to learn that my husband is not particularly more attracted to me (or anyone for that matter) when my hair is done, make-up on, nails painted, etc. In fact, usually the opposite is true, and I'm so glad he likes the natural me. :)

Please, Lord, let us pass along the beauty of looking at people's "insides" instead of their "outsides" to our little girls!

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