Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Naming - Part 2

Thanks for all your input on the names. Please continue to vote (if you haven't yet). If you haven't figured it out yet, you can vote "yes" or "no" for each name. It isn't just about voting for your favorites.

Here are some other things I want to mention:

1) Feel free to suggest other names. The "perfect" one may still be out there. However, don't suggest names and then be offended if we don't like them. I prefer a list of names that I can browse at my leisure and look up the meanings to. (Yes, meanings are very important to us. It can make or break a name).

2) We won't necessarily name our child the name that gets the most "yes" votes on this poll. Andrew tried to work out some sort of 33% rule last night but I'm not sure about that yet. Seems too risky to name your child using a voting system. It's an important decision!

3) We still probably won't share the name picked until the birth. There are several reasons for this.

  • First of all, we probably won't fully decide until then. We didn't with Abigail. If she had been a Blond at birth, she'd probably be named Hannah (it doesn't mean our next child will, though).
  • Second of all, it's fun to keep a secret!
  • Third of all, if I think I have found the perfect name and someone turns their nose up at it, I will get very discouraged and we'll end up naming our kid Tiffany (Andrew's choice) and nobody (except Andrew and Wayne) wants that. :)

Seriously though, this is more fun than I thought it would be. So, thanks for all the votes and opinions. Just don't expect a lot of feedback from us . . . at least for the next three months

(really? . . . only three months? . . . yikes! . . . why am I not sleeping right now, all the time? . . . seriously?)

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Melanie said...

K, I times, especially since we are still perusing names as well :) Even though I like some of the names I voted no on, I voted no because they are so popular right now and I'm trying to stay away from the most popular :) They're still good names though! Which ones are coming out at top for those of us who have voted?

Susan said...

You definitely made me laugh thinking of Wayne and Andrew smiling at little Tiffany and the rest of us rolling our eyes!

Jennifer said...

I did something similar with both of ours...I just sent out an email with our name choices and asked our family & friends to "vote" for one. I think Jacob's name might have gotten the most votes, but Anna's didn't win. It was fun to see what people liked and to see their suggestions!