Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mind Numbing!

Oh my! I have been doing mind numbing data entry today. It is for the automatic funds transfer here at the preschool. Wow!

I must take a quick break before the ole brain explodes.

Fun Fact about me:

When I was in High School, our school participated every year in something called the "Academic Olympics". We all got out of a day of school and went to a "local" Junior College and took tests. These tests were judged on accuracy and speed. Our school competed as a whole against other schools and we all competed individually in different subjects. (Pretty sure our school usually won or ranked fairly high).

All four years of High School I was chosen by the school administration/teachers to take the music test . . . and I never ranked in the top five. Of course, there were probably 8 or 9 schools competing (I don't remember how many delegates from each school could take a single test but it was more than one), and the ranking only went to the top 5th place.

However, my senior year, one of my teachers recommended that I take two other tests, 1) Secretarial Procedures ("how to make a proper filing cabinet" amongst other things), and 2) the 10-key machine speed test. I also took the music test that year.

Well, needless to say, I was shocked out of my skin when my name was announced as #4 place finisher in the speed 10-key test (a skill that is coming in handy today!) and as #1 finisher in the Secretarial Procedures.

See, I guess I was always destined to be a secretary/office type. If you want to know how the "textbooks" tell you to organize a filing cabinet, I'm your woman.

I'm not sure what this fun little story tells you about my musical skills, though. . . hmm!

P.S. I think my sister ALWAYS placed in the psychology test during her high school years. Guess that's why she's a doctor of psychology now. Go figure!

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becky @ misspriss said...

That is SO funny! I actually won at state levels for office procedures (FBLA) and went on to nationals. I didn't finish in the top 10 - I think I was something like 12 or so, so I didn't get on the list. But I did go to Chicago for it! I guess I was destined for the same thing. Ha!