Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blogging with Pictures

I love blogging with pictures! I love reading blogs with pictures. I am so glad I have my own computer now and actually downloaded my camera tonight. So . . . there are lots of pictures! :)

Abigail riding on the mower with Daddy. She LOVES doing this and "asks" to do it every time she sees the mower. I happen to love it as well because 1) it means I don't have to mow the yard (Andrew does it now) and 2) I have some peace and quiet in the house for a while. Yeah!

Hmm, I think I mentioned that we have WAAAAY too many baby clothes. Here is proof. The first basket you see is 0-3 months (and newborn), the next basket is 3-6 months, next 6-9, next 9-12, and next 12-18. Abigail is wearing most of the 18-24 month clothes right now. I just had to buy her a bunch of "new" pants (and borrow some) because of her diaper and poop issues. Someone told me once that you can never have too many onesies, well, for 0-3 and 3-6 months, I think we've reached that limit. Abigail never got close to wearing them all and I doubt her sister will either!

Ok, moving on to today!

Andrew fixed us (Abigail, Wayne, and I) some fabulous Fajitas. Yummy! Abigail actually just ate the steak part. Disclaimer: she is "pretend" drinking out of my root beer bottle. I would never in a million years let my kid drink pop, let alone real beer, but she had fun playing with the bottle, as you can see in the following pictures. Oh, we had so much fun today!

Grandpa Wayne and Abigail enjoying a "sip" of Root Beer.

Ha ha ha ha!! Precious and silly girl!

I feel so good about everything I got accomplished today. I did about 6 loads of laundry, ran the dishwasher twice, cleaned out three kitchen cabinets (cleaned and decluttered), cleaned out one drawer, bought paint for Abigail's bedroom, and went grocery shopping.

I told Andrew today that one of the highlights of my day was going to Home Depot and Kroger with him and Abigail. I just really love spending time as a family and we don't do it nearly enough. He tried to explain to me that he just doesn't always like to go shopping and I explained back that we don't have to go anywhere to do this, we can do it in our own house. Anyway, it was fun and we're going to try to do it again more often. Abigail was a gem and it's always nice to have the second parent there for chasing. :)

Abigail is getting more difficult for me to manage every day. I don't mean she's more misbehaved (although she is in a very difficult whiny stage - mostly when she doesn't understand something) but as I am getting a bigger belly (pictures as some point, I promise), it's harder for me to get on the floor with her and to haul her around our house and in public. I guess the challenge will only last for 3 more months and then I'll have two to haul around but my old body back (eventually). It always helps when someone else does the carrying and lifting. Andrew hauled all the laundry upstairs (after it was washed) today and that was a big help!

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