Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Precious Girls Updates

After a few night wakings, Abigail woke up with a normal temperature today. I'm not sure why she was awake. She either couldn't find a paci (pachee -as she has been calling them) or she was miserable in some way. Her nose wasn't running and her temperature had gone down throughout the night, so I'm not sure what it was.

I hope she continues to improve throughout the day and will be remarkably better by tomorrow. :)

Here is a little picture of my sweetie trying out her baby sister's new bouncy seat! :)

Another photo of her on the way home from Pittsburg with two paci's (pachee's) in her mouth (mou - as she calls it). See her poor sick eyes? :(

In other news (about Abigail), she has had a big language explosion lately. She can repeat many more words after us now (that sound correct) and has started putting two words together. She often says, "bye bye dada" or "bye bye dewey". Sometimes she'll just march into the room with her baby and blanket and just say "bye bye momma" and walk into the other room.

She regularly asks for Vi, Vi C (vitamin C - only my child, I tell ya!) and has recently started telling me to put it in her mou (mouth). She can also say nose, eyes, ears, and mouth when asked what those body parts are.

She is slowly showing signs of being aware of her body. She regularly says "poo poo" when I change her diaper (whether or not that has actually happened) and has recently begun seeking privacy to use the bathroom in her diaper.

I know it would be nice to have her out of diapers sooner rather than later but everything I have read says that it does no good to rush into things and she's still quite young. So, I'm just trying to make her aware of things, offer the potty when I can, and make sure potty training related things feel "fun" to her.

I'm sure no serious potty training will take place until I am settled in at home with both girls for a while. I take a while to adjust to new things anyway, so I'm giving myself plenty of time to do that with this new baby.

Speaking of the new baby, I suppose an update is necessary. . . :)

I'm almost 28 weeks and went in for that appointment this morning. Everything looks great. Blood pressure was good, baby's heartbeat was great (around 150 bpm) and I got my RoGam injection for this pregnancy (I have an RH- blood type and Andrew is RH+). The only thing of any concern was that my iron levels were a little low. The midwife thought that it might help to add an iron supplement just a few times a week, not even needed everyday. So, I ordered some.

We had a nice talk about adding a second child (thankfully the midwife didn't tell me any horror stories like I have been hearing - but was actually encouraging - what a relief!!!). And I had her sign my paperwork for the birth center. My glucose test came back great and so I can officially be called a "low risk" pregnancy and am clear for delivery in the birth center unless something weird pops up.

I am technically supposed to be going every two weeks at this point but we both felt (midwife and myself) that we could stretch this out a little bit because I am so low risk and healthy. So my next appointment is in three weeks (not that much of a stretch) and the appointment after that will be three weeks later. Then I think I will have one or two - two week appointments then I'll go to once a week.

It is amazing how fast this pregnancy is going. I suppose it helps that I'm quite busy with my first little princess! :)

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