Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Meanwhile . . . .

Files are copying back to my computer as I type this. I should be able to post more tomorrow, although by then I will be busy enjoying watching my parents and brother enjoy Abigail! :)
So, until I can get the wonderful and lovely pictures and video posted I will leave you with a blast from the past. A photo taken my freshman year of college, right after Andrew and I started dating.
Can you believe this was 9 years ago?! Obviously, it was also ummm. . . several pounds ago for me! (Don't you LOVE Andrew's gotee? He only had it for about a month but I loved it!).

And also this precious picture. . .

This is the strapping young lad that I fell in love with (again . . . 9 years ago). I'm so blessed that he is now my strapping husband and wonderful father of my children! :)


Susan said...

He's a little more strapping than he used to be also!

Jaime said...

I'm laughing out loud because that's funny!

Good thing I like my men strapping. I'm not attracted to the skinny, frail ones! :)

I guess this is also a testament to my fantastic cooking.