Thursday, August 20, 2009

Names and Meanings

Ah! I keep adding names. I need to be subtracting. I think I'm going to scour through my baby name book one more time this weekend and after that we're going to start eliminating names slowly but surely.

I think we may do it by veto. I get to veto one, Andrew gets to veto one, and then the least popular one voted on by all you wonderful people get's eliminated as well. We may do that every few weeks until we have a small list to really pray over (hello - that's important, right?!) and decide from.

Anyway, here are the meanings. Hopefully this doesn't change your vote. :)

Abrielle: God is my Strength
Audrey: Noble Strength
Cara: Dear
Claire: Illustrious
Charlotte: Free
Ellen: Light
Eliana: God has answered
Elaine: Light
Evelyn: Beautiful Bird
Evie: Life
Faith: Faith
Felicity: Happiness
Gwyneth: Fortunate, Blessed
Hannah: Blessed by God
Inara: Illuminating, Shining
Joelle: God will be willing
Joy: Delight
Karis: Graceful
Lily: Lily Flower
Lainey: From the Lane
Lucy: Light
Nora: Honor
Olivia: Elf Army
Sadie: Princess
Tiffany: Manifestation of God
Zoe: Life

There are new ones to vote on, if you wish!

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Jaime said...

OK, so I just looked at the list again and was able to vote on them all again. OH well! Vote again on all if you want. Maybe it resets (I think it goes by your IP address) every few days!

Kayla and Donnie said...

Elf Army? Really???? :-)

Jaime said...

Yes! Elf Army! I should have looked that up before putting on the list.

Jennifer said...

Olivia is such a beautiful name...and it means ELF ARMY??? Who in the world came up with that name meaning?! Isn't that just bizarre???

Jaime said...

Well, I just looked it up in my book and it says "of the olive tree - one who is peaceful", so that is nice.

Jennifer said...

Whew!Peaceful is a MUCH better meaning! :)

Schenk Family said...

ok after looking at all the meanings you really cannot wrong they are all beautiful.