Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy Times!

We've returned from a whirlwind and fun trip to Pittsburg for a family reunion. The unfortunate part was that Abigail started showing cold symptoms on Friday (sneezing and runny nose) and they just got worse as the weekend went on. She still was a pretty good girl, at least sleeping well, and we had fun.

She had a 100 degree temp this morning, so I'm home with her. She acts like she feels fine but does have a runny (green) nose. Yuck! We have a doctor's appointment on Friday for a check up so I'm going to see if she can last until then. Of course we'll take her if she gets worse. I'm a bit frustrated/confused as to why she seems to be sick all the time. I wonder if it is allergy related. Hmm! Anyway, just a week ago she had a cough and runny nose. She recovered from that quickly and didn't need to miss daycare thankfully.

Anyway, there are lots of fun pictures to come from our trip but right now I'm trying to work from home (to keep myself afloat in this busy season) and have a snotty nose to wipe. We also need groceries badly!

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