Friday, August 14, 2009

Week Recap

I received some pictures from my mom. I haven't downloaded mine yet so I'll share with you what I've got.

Abigail has a new love in life, putting on Mama's shoes and walking around. She particularly enjoys the high heels. Her daddy better be on the lookout now! :)

Abigail and I on Sunday at lunch. She was starting to get very crabby but I think she wasn't feeling the best. She still has somewhat of a cough but seems to be going away already, thank goodness.
Daddy and Abigail are practicing throwing the ball.

Abigail always does this when someone puts her on their shoulders. She is having so much fun with Grandpa!

Abigail and Grandpa are picking tomatoes from my weed patch, oh, I mean garden. Seriously, we can't even hardly step in there now with so many weeds. I'm not sure that planting a garden while pregnant with a toddler was such a good idea. Oh, well. We've enjoyed tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. I might venture in to see if I can find any onions and carrots in the next few days.

A family picture before church.

For some reason, I got up at 6:45 am on my day off. Abigail is still asleep so I guess I'm getting stuff done (like blogging). She and I have a busy day.
First off, we are returning the diaper trial she has been participating in back to the company. Thank goodness that is over! I mean, I'm glad we get the $55 payment and the free diapers for 3 weeks but I had to fill out a front and back page evaluating each and every diaper she wore. I think I'll have more free time after this. :)
Then, Abigail and I are going to the Library. I've been avoiding it (because of fines) but I don't have anything good to read and Andrew wants a few books.
Then, I think, we'll attempt to stop by TJ Maxx to find some shirts and maybe pants (he is a special size, ya know) for Andrew. He hasn't had new clothes in a long time and a few things would probably help his wardrobe choices a lot. He is just so picky so I'm never sure if he'll wear what I bring home. (Yes, I always tell him not the rip the tags off but he usually doesn't decide that he doesn't like something until he's worn it a while).
Hopefully we'll then have a relaxing afternoon. Dinner/Supper will be with Andrew's grandparents to celebrate Andrew's dad's birthday. (At least I don't have to make supper).
So . . . . Happy Birthday Wayne! Thanks for being a wonderful father-in-law, dad, and grandpa!
Did I mention my house is an absolute wreck? I've been slacking off all week, and it shows!

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Susan said...

Glad to see these pictures as I have been missing your precious daughter this week. See you in a couple days!