Sunday, August 09, 2009

Parting . . .

Just said goodbye to my family.

Time for the sadness and "homesickness" to set in. I sure don't like living so far away but I guess not much can be done except lots of visits and lots of phone calls . . . oh and the occasional persuading of Andrew to become a farmer (but seriously doubt that will happen).

We really enjoyed their visit!

Abigail was tired and giving some snuggles to Grandma "Ro Ro" at Ikea. She can get so snugly sometimes! Seeing my mom with my daughter is so precious!

Wanting to hold both Grandpa Kurt and Grandma Ro Ro's hands at IKEA. She let Uncle Brett push her in the stroller. Besides be fascinated by him and by saying his name (which alternated between "Bet" "But" and "Bot", she wasn't so sure about him!

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Laura said...

I love the picture where Brett is pushing the stroller. So cute! I'll email you soon to figure something out for next week if you are still up for it.