Friday, August 21, 2009

New Office

With the new baby coming, we needed more space. We have two rooms upstairs (current nursery and our master bedroom), an "office"/bedroom on the middle floor, and a guest room. We like having the guest room ready to go. I don't want to give that up if at all possible. So, we decided to turn the old office into Abigail's new bedroom and create an office for Andrew in the basement.

He was particularly into this idea. 1) He doesn't like me messing with this stuff. :) 2) He likes quiet, cool quarters. Ha!

So, we finally finished it a few weeks ago. Here are pictures.

Here is our mainly unfinished basement, except for one really nice room. Please, please ignore how incredibly messy the table, etc, is. It is man stuff that I don't know what to do with! Help! Oh, and our doggy is in the picture. This picture is showing the door into the office from the bottom of the stairs.

Andrew has a fully IKEA office. Seriously . . . bookshelves, lights, flooring, furniture, frames, desk, etc. We probably would have bought the paint and drywall there, if they sold that sort of stuff.

More bookshelves. I deleted the picture of the couch. I should have taken another picture but the original had me laying on it in all my pregnancy glory with a lovely double chin to boot (you can see a glimpse on the left hand side of this photo). So, sorry. Couch pictures later.

Andrew's chair, desk, and computer. Also, his beloved IKEA light. This is where all the web magic happens for several lucky companies that hire him to do their website or tech support. Can you see the baby monitor on the desk? Abigail must have been in bed when these were taken.

And there he is now . . . the brilliant web and computer guy . . . working on something important. I don't see a chess game open on the computer, so he must be doing something important (always what I assume).
And there you have it. A tiny but cozy and beautiful room that I'm sure he'll use for a long time!

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Laura said...

The office looks great! It's so fun to see pictures of your house. i really wish I could have actually come down for a visit while I was there. But it was still great seeing you guys anyway!