Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I've decided it's time . . .

No . . . not to have the baby, although with numbness, aches, pains, tiredness and cramps, etc, I'm getting there. I decided that it's time to cut back.

So, as far as I am able, no extra spending this month. Of course, my husband doesn't know this yet. Oops! I suppose we ought to have a meeting this month. The date is coming (very quickly) where we will only have one income for a while, and while we do have savings, it would be nice for those to be a little boosted before then.

The one exception may be that we might buy a swing set. You see, I came across one that a single, male friend of mine doesn't want or need, so the value will be exceptional. Also, my daughter needs to play outside more, I have decided but she doesn't have much to do at our house.

Now, if only we can figure out how to haul it to our house, we'll be set.

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Jennifer said...

You'll never regret a swingset! We got the kids one for their birthdays this year. It has saved my sanity! And honestly, they sleep a LOT better at night when they can get outside and play in the fresh air and sunshine. And it's just really cute to see Jacob's delight at going down the slide and Anna's glee at swinging "reeeealy high!" :)