Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Things

I tire so easily these days. I came home last night (after work) made supper and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. After putting Abigail to bed I headed for the grocery store. It was nice to take my time. After I got home Andrew and I watched our daily dose of Battlestar Galactica. It's been fun to watch these with Andrew (no . . . I'm not usually a SciFi fan so to answer the other question going through your mind, yes . . . I love him a lot). I was almost asleep on the couch by the time the show ended at 9:15 pm! :)

The new van is great. I have enjoyed listening to Abigail saying "new car" when she sees it. Quite fun!

Speaking of things she is saying, the girl has just been booming with new words and even phrases. She will now repeat almost everything we say. I kept trying to put a clip in her hair yesterday and she finally pulled it out one last time and said "mama hair" so I stuck it in my hair and she was as happy as could be and excited that I understood what she meant. :)

She also loves to talk to the dog. Every day she says "Dewey sit, Dewey stay, Dewey no, Dewey food" and LOVES to feed the dog. She can almost feed him by herself except she can't always lift the full bowl of dog food from our container. Someday soon we'll be adding that to her chore list! :)

She also loves to pat people. It is so sweet and funny. She'll say "Pat Dewey, Pat Mama, Pat Dada" and then come up and pat us. She also loves to "pat baby" so I hope she helps me out with that. :)

I'm already packing for the hospital. I figure that it will just be less for me to do later. Of course I only have two things in the bag.

Okay, now I need some suggestions for things (if you would, please):

1) Relaxing songs! I made three CD's for my labor with Abigail. Now, she surprised me a bit by coming 3 days early and the CD's weren't packed in the bag so I didn't have them with me at the hospital but I used them afterwords. I am planning to burn some CD's NOW and put them in the bag NOW so I'll have them in the birth center but I need more relaxing song suggestions. Those old CD's are just that . . . old.

2) Names! We are still at a stand-still with names. We just can't find a name that we like.

3) Good books! I haven't read a really good book in a while and I'm dying for one. Actually, I'd love to have a stack of good books for the early newborn days. I definitely won't have time to read during the day but with Abigail I read a lot during nursing and it helped to keep me occupied! :)


Anonymous said...

How about Lucy? or Macie...Libby??? Kara?

Jaime said...

Lucy . . . I love the name, unfortunately I had a dog named Lucy once.

Macie . . . I like it. However, it used to be a character on my dad's soap opera (which made my brother call it the Macie show). Possible.

Libby . . . also a dog I know and I have another name association issue with it.

We like Kara. A possibility.

I really want a Biblical name, if possible. I just can't find one I like or doesn't already below to someone close to us!