Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recipes and ideas!

Ok you cooking folks out there. I need recipes and/or ideas of things that I can freeze and have ready quickly and easily. Any ideas?

I'm really starting to run low on ideas of foods to cook for supper. The problem is that I love to cook and I don't like taking short-cuts or using boxed and processed foods. Well, that makes for one tired mama after making a meal. So, I'm trying to find things that are simple yet fairly healthy to make for supper. I'd like these recipes to be meals I can double and throw 1/2 in the freezer for the end of October, beginning of November, and after the baby arrives.

Tonight we had baked chicken, steamed broccoli with a homemade cheese sauce (yum!) and garlic bread (although Abigail had blueberries instead of the bread).

Another quick question, if I make a chowder (with cream or milk) should I leave the cream or milk out of the frozen portion and just add it when I'm reheating it or would it be okay to freeze?


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

Lasagna is always a good one. And for breakfast you can make homemade waffles or french toast, cool and freeze. But you can always gets eggos too ;) LOL

Jaime said...

Yes, I thought about lasagna. It just seems like it takes so long to make the first time around. I'll have to see. Maybe I can get my mom to make one for us when she's out here helping and then freeze one. :)

I do freeze waffles when I make them.

Jennifer said...

I was going to suggest lasagna, too. I have a recipe that takes about 45 min. to put together (30 min. of that is simmering the sauce).
I make a batch of pancakes and then just keep them in the fridge--since my kids only eat one every morning, I can make a med. batch and there's enough for the whole week. I just have to zap them for a few seconds and breakfast is ready!
Meatballs are easy and quick and freeze easily (before or after cooking them). That's all I can think of!

Susan said...

Chicken enchiladas freeze well. Yes, I would leave out the cream or milk and add when reheating. You could also have Andrew grill some burgers and chicken and freeze those to be reheated for a nice taste of summer.

Jaime said...

Mmm, meatballs sound good too, although I'm more tempted just to buy the frozen ones at IKEA! :)

Anonymous said...


A lady I babysat for in high school always had this dish and it was so easy. She used whole wheat penne pasta (cooked) and mixed it with pasta sauce and cut up sausage, all in a glass baking dish. Then, she would sprinkle shredded cheese on top (cheddar or mozzarella). She'd have it in the fridge or freezer and then have me pull it out and bake it (for the first time) for the girls for dinner. It was very yummy, quick, and easy. Any rendition of it is good too, if you want to add vegetables like peas or if you want to substitute the pasta sauce with something else.

Cookies freeze really well, even though they aren't dinner :)


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, a lot of what people bring you is tomato based...casseroles and such...and my kids were all sensitive to that through breast milk. Having said that, I can't think of much that isn't tomato saucey to make ahead...maybe quiche (get Grandma to make you some crusts),homemade mac and cheese...Carol

Jaime said...

Thanks for the great ideas guys. I found a few more today and plan on making them if I find the energy stored up somewhere. I'll share as I make them. The only issue is that a few of them I probably won't feed Abigail. We'll see.

Lindsay, I do love that dish and seems easy to make without even having it frozen. My mother-in-law just made something similar for us the other day so I'll keep that in mind. Now I just have to go to Meijer to get that delicious sausage!

Carol, Abigail never reacted to anything that I ate, except for Skyline Chili. She had an upset and gassy tummy after I had two full meals of it but otherwise seemed to handle tomatoes okay. I suppose this child could be completely different!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jaime. This is helpful to me too :) Wish I had more suggestions, but you are ahead of me in the domestic world. I'll let you know if I come up with anything!