Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning Conversation

I had a phone conversation this morning that went something like this:

Lady: Hi, I'm from out-of-town and plan to attend your church (*note: the church where I work, not where I am a member) this Sunday and I have a few questions.

Me: Okay, great. What can I help you with?

Lady: I see communion will only be at your late contemporary service and I need to take communion this week. Is your service ultra contemporary?

Me: I'm not sure what you mean by that. There are modern praise songs played with guitar, piano, and drums, but there is still traditional liturgy included in the service.

Lady: Okay, so it's not all that hand waving junk, then?

Me: (*At this point, completely at a loss for what to say.) I actually don't attend this church so I'm not sure if anyone raises their hands in worship or not.

Lady: Oh, okay. Can I just come and take communion then?

Me: (*Closed communion and I have NO authority to tell her yes so I say) I think it would be best if you spoke with our Pastor. He's in this morning.

Lady: Okay

Call transferred!

I'm just baffled. Of course this is coming from me who sang this song in church on Sunday. Enjoy!

I love thinking about "Oh how He loves us" - All of us!

All of us! And I'm so thankful that He does!!

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Anonymous said...

My heart really goes out to that lady. She's in bondage to wrong thinking. Taking communion won't take her sins away or make her any more acceptable to God.

I wish I could tell her, "Being made right with God is a FREE gift available to all who believe in Jesus' sacrificial death in our place. The Lord's Supper helps us remember His sacrifice."

I hope Pastor John was able to sense her spiritual neediness. You handled the call well.

As far as the arm waving and hand clapping in church services goes, I guess that makes some people uncomfortable, although they think nothing of it when it occurs at sporting events. Doesn't God deserve as much passionate, enthusiastic worship as football does? I am not a hands-in-the-air kind of worshipper, but I actually feel like doing it at times. :)

Love, Mom