Thursday, September 10, 2009


No, I did not make soup for supper. It just seemed too warm! Instead I made Chicken Pot Pie x2. Yes, I doubled the batch (which was very easy, actually) and froze one pie and we ate on the second one! :)

I also made brownies for Bible study tonight. I didn't let Andrew have any (yet!).

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.

On Friday, Abigail and I are going to take a short trip to look at a Dora Kitchen for her. It is being sold for only $15 and they are originally $85 so I hope it is in decent shape. Andrew/Dada doesn't want me to get it because it's not a "need" so I might save it for a Christmas present for Abigail. It just seems that with her love of Dora and play kitchens, this is a deal we shouldn't pass up!

I am going to spend the rest of the day (though it won't take me that long) making Pioneer Woman's Best Baked Beans for Andrew's company picnic on Saturday (and cleaning). I'm looking forward to getting to know his co-workers better and letting Abigail run around outside at the park.

Then Saturday night we're having some friends over to our house to take pictures of their newborn. In case you were wondering, almost all of our friends have newborns so don't be confused! This year alone our small group will add at least six babies (and I may be forgetting someone).

That's it for now. I just enjoyed my left over Chicken Pot Pie so I'd better get back to work.

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