Monday, September 07, 2009

Dancin' Dancin' Part 1

We have had a lovely weekend so far. I'm very thankful for another day off today that we can all spend together! Enjoy this little video clip of Abigail dancing. It was taken with my phone so the quality isn't the greatest but our other camera wasn't around when she was dancing and I didn't want to miss it.


Dorinda said...

So adorable! Thanks for posting that! That made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Is that what you call topless dancing? What are you teaching my granddaughter? :)

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

I'm going to have to blame this on Abigail's Nana. It is how I picked her up from her that day. It sure it easier to clean up her supper mess if she's not wearing a shirt, though.

Irritable Mother said...

That girl has got her groove on! *grin*

Thanks for the salmon recipe!!!