Wednesday, September 02, 2009

19 months old

Happy 19-month birthday, baby girl!

I keep thinking that at some point, we'll have to stop celebrating your month birthday's. I guess that doesn't come until you turn 2! Here is a little update on what you've been doing.

  • You have so many new and fun words and phrases.
  • You are starting to put together more words all the time such as "Dada Dora" (when he let's you watch a Dora video on YouTube.
  • You whined in the car this morning and I said, "what's wrong?". You answered me by saying "milk" and proceeded to pick up your sippy cup of coconut milk and take a drink. (I thought it was funny).
  • You're obsessed (seriously) with watching the Happy California Cows videos. You'd watch them all day if we'd let you. I think we're going to set some TV watching limits at our house because you ask constantly!! :)
  • When I drop you off at daycare, you know the first think you'll do is eat breakfast. You're so hungry that you'll go to your highchair and say "bye bye mama" and then you're ready for me to leave.
  • You are getting physically stronger too. You can drag a little step stool around and it's becoming quite dangerous (I think we might have to put it away for a while) because you can reach the top of the counters!
  • You love to help out but do get frustrated if you can't figure something out quickly.
  • I have noticed that lately you've been saying "wait" a lot. That's probably because it is one of the most frequently used words at our house . . . at least along the same lines as "patience".
  • You're also starting to really love Dewey. You love to bring him in, put him out, help feed him, tell him "no Dewey" and also now "sit Dewey". He can't quite understand you yet, however. :)
  • Your eating habits are finally changing. You've been a big eater all your life and you're starting to get a little more choosy about what you eat. We're learning very quickly to give you the veggies first!

You are certainly our little adventure. Each day brings something new, whether it is a challenge or a joy, it doesn't matter. We love you and you bring so much joy, adventure, and love to our lives (along with practicing of patience on our part).

Can't wait to watch what you come up with next!

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Anonymous said...

absolutely adorable pictures! I can't believe she's 19 months old already...