Monday, September 28, 2009

The night I almost killed my dog (and weekend recap)

Our dog almost was murdered last night.

I got up 2:20 am to use the potty (as usual) and I heard whining. I thought it was Abigail but when I checked the monitor, I realized it was the dog all the way in the laundry room on the other side of the house. I took him outside to use the bathroom (yes at 2:20 am) and put him away.

In addition to Dewey's whining, I heard Abigail coughing in her sleep. She has had a minor cold this past week (no fever) but just can't quite shake it yet and has a lingering cough. I went into her room and actually woke her up (ha! payback, kid!). I had her drink some water and gave her a homeopathic cough syrup and let her sit (sleep) on my lap for a while so she would be sitting up. When her coughing lessened I put her back to bed and headed back to my own bed. The dog was still whining.

*A little side note: do you know how precious it is to hold your sleeping toddler at night? I think I could become addicted to going in there and waking her up and holding her. Why will I be annoyed in a few months by the amount I will have to be up at night with the new baby? Maybe I'll be able to remember to cherish the time because pretty soon they don't even wake up when they cough!*

Anyone looking for a new pet?! :)


The rest of our weekend was great. On Saturday morning we all headed to IKEA. Our main objective was to buy a second crib. This will be used by Abigail until she is ready for a big bed. She's NOT ready yet. We got the crib and a few other small things.

In the afternoon, during her nap, my sister-in-law and I worked on painting Abigail's bedroom downstairs. I'm thinking that 33 weeks is about the cut off for climbing ladders but I made it up and down our step ladder and will have to do it once more to finish up. However, we made great progress!

We had a lovely supper and enjoyable evening with family until Abigail had a melt-down over a purse. She wanted to play with the name-brand purse and not the cheap knock-off we wanted her to play with. I think her daddy and I are in trouble!

We had a lovely Sunday. The sermon at church was especially good and it topped of the day when the Bengal beat the Steelers. I actually watched the whole game. :)

The only other bummer news I have is that our "new van" is sick. It was acting funny and smelled hot while I drove it last week so I took it into the mechanic last Friday and we have to replace the water pump and a few other small things. Needless to say, that was not good news. Hopefully we'll get the fixed and be on our way with a nice reliable van.

Countdown is on, only six more weeks of work for me (weird!) and seven more weeks until my due date.


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