Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back at Work

I'm back at work again today after two days off. I loved having the two "snow" days to spend time with my baby girl and have fun. We did some reading, playing, napping (her, not me), and cleaning. She's slowly but surely becoming less whiny when I leave the room. She's actually pretty content to play with my Tupperware and a few toys in the kitchen while I work. I just have to watch out for her underfoot. She loves to get into the fridge or freezer when I open it, so I usually do it pretty quickly so she doesn't have a chance to try to climb inside!! We're hosting our small group tonight so I also got a bit of cleaning done.

When Andrew and I were home together on Tuesday, we got the office closet (mostly) cleaned out during Abigail's long nap. I have TONS of filing to do but it feels good to have gotten that far. I still have a few things to get rid of that are mine.

One of the things is my old clarinet. I played that beauty for 12+ years and I hate that it just sits in the closet. I cannot see myself playing it often or doing anything with it at this stage. It is not functioning properly and I'm not sure I want to spare the money to have it fixed (just missing a pad). I guess I need to just get a quote on how much it will cost.

I got the guest room clean because we'll be having guests in a few week's time for Abigail's birthday. Her birthday is actually Monday but we're not having a party for a few weeks.

That leads me to another point. Her birthday. I generally don't characterize myself as an overly emotional person. 98% of the time I can control my tears and I RARELY cry in front of anyone, unless it's a big deal (private crying is another matter!). Anyway, I didn't expect to feel so emotional about my baby turning 1-year old. The first year held so many sweet and tender memories along with the struggles of being first-time parents. Okay, I'm going to save any more of this sappy writing for Monday! :)

A new goal of mine it to take more pictures! Abigail does so many fun things that we don't capture very well!

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Arielle said...

tubberware? :0)

Being a mom sure touches the heart! Enjoy!!!