Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In

This is the second day that we have been snowed in at home. It wasn't terrible yesterday but I just didn't want to chance driving with a baby. . . not only the whole issue of how long it would take to get to work but the chance of sliding off the road.

Today is worse. I should have gone in yesterday! Andrew decided he just couldn't take it anymore (more of this later) and decided to head in! Ah! He has a very long commute (usually an hour). I talked to him about a few minutes ago and he had made it to work. Crazy man!

I hope the snow lets up so I can go in at lunch. I'll have a long busy day tomorrow if I can't get out today. Plus, I'm getting cabin fever!

1 comment:

Susan Schechter said...

If you do go in to work, feel free to leave Abigail here as Wayne and I are both home!