Monday, January 12, 2009

Hair Help!

I am finally getting my hair cut next week. I haven't had it cut since early October and it wasn't a very good cut then. A good cut lasts longer!

These are the reasons it has been so long . . .

It costs me about $40 every time I have my hair cut! I am spoiled by growing up with Kansas rates of about $12 for a GOOD hair cut. I have a $20 monthly beauty budget, so I have to wait at least every other month to get it cut. This is fairly easy to stick to, actually.

I also just don't have the time. The place I like to go is by my job, which is no where near my house. It is difficult to figure out when to do it with the whole breastfeeding/pumping issue but I have a window of opportunity next week.

So, what should I have done? I'm just tired of the same old thing. I need a cut that will look good at least two months, be stylish, easy to do, and look good on me. I am thinking about getting it cut the way I did two cuts ago (was that really all the way back in August?) because I'm getting the same girl who did it that time, and she was fabulous. I (sometimes) wish that someone else would just tell me what would look good.

I also don't like to be stuck in the same rut. I mean the same hairstyle for years and years is no fun for anyone, especially the people who have to look at you! :)

Anyone else feel like this? Advice? Perhaps I'll get ambitious and post a before and after picture. Oooh!


Jennifer said...

Well, my cut is really low maintainence (I am having a lot of trouble spelling that--is that right??), but I have to get it cut about every 3-4 weeks. It costs me about $20 now (they charge $18 at the Wild Hair now!!). But my hair also grows really fast. I don't know that it would last 2 months even for slower growing hair. But, if you look at my family pic on my blog, you'll see the style. I don't even have to use a straightener anymore--just blow dry it up and spray a little. It's great. It's a definite style change for me b/c for sooooo long I've had straight, smooth, curled-under hair. But I really like it and so does Aaron :)

Amanda said...

You need to elaborate! What kind of hair do you have now (curly, long)? How much time do you want to spend on your hair? You should upload a picture of it now.

Laura said...

Oh I am no help in this department. I am one of those people who has had her hair the same way for years. When I go to get mine cut, it is usally at the mercy of my stylist!
In response to your previous post, I caught the productivity bug yesterday as well. My house is actually semi clean, which is always nice to come home to. It's great to know that we both were being productive at the same time! I also learned that wearing my dogs out at the dog park is a great deterrant for chewing. They slept all evening and night!

TheXMom said...

I used to have long curly hair, but now it's just above my shoulders and straight. I prefer short and sassy styles myself, but hubby has been begging me to let it grow and I have finally given in. If your crunched for time, layered looks are always easy to fix.