Friday, January 23, 2009

Grateful Friday

I haven't done one of these in a while. Here it goes:

  • I am grateful for our employers. We both work at great places!
  • I am grateful for my husband. He is so much fun to be around. I am more thankful everyday that I get to be his wife.
  • I am grateful for our fun baby girl. She can be a handful at times but she is an absolute gift from God and I'm also blessed to be her mommy.
  • I am grateful for my mother-in-law who brought me yummy food (greek food) and kept me company while Andrew was gone to Kansas.
  • I am grateful that we found a renter for our house so quickly. We'd still like to sell it, since it is just so hard to manage from here, but these people seem good and will (hopefully) be respectful of the house.
  • I am grateful for my grandparents. They are wonderful Christian people and I hope that I can be like them (when I grow up). :)

We have had a good day together (Abigail and I). She didn't wake me up until 8 am! She has been waking up and then just sitting in her crib entertaining herself for a while. I don't know when she woke up exactly but she was pretty tired by 9:15 am, so I figured it was before 8. I fed her breakfast and she went down easily from a nap. While she napped and a bit after she woke up, I worked on making more baby food. I made caulifower (this was her first taste - she's NOT a fan), kale (yes, she eats this regularly), and raspberry/strawberry. The raspberry/strawberry smelled so good that I had a few bites. It was totally delicious! :)

We headed to Steinmart to exchange some jeans for Andrew. Abigail got LOTS of attention and comments. It's funny. Lots of women will stop and talk to her but if they walk away from her she does her little whining bit like "Hey, I want you to talk to me some more".

She's napping right now. I have discovered in recent weeks that I don't think she will be one to have a "lovey". I've tried to get her attached to a satin toy in her crib but she's just not interested. However, what does work is putting a pacifier in her mouth and giving her one to hold. I've found out that she falls asleep easier that way.

Ok, I'd better start supper! Have a good weekend!

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