Monday, January 26, 2009

Desert-Like Thirst

No, I'm not talking about anything spiritual. Believe me, I wish I was. I have had an issue lately with thirst lately. I know that there could be some underlying medical condition that could be causing this but to be honest, I just don't think that I drink enough. I woke up at midnight last night and had the urge to run to get a cup of water, I was so thirsty. I couldn't even wait for the cup to fill before taking a drink.

Also, does dehydration cause bad dreams? I have had some horrible ones lately. Last night I had a dream that I was driving around a dark parking lot (who knows why) with Abigail in the backseat. A guy popped out of the shadows and started firing a full-automatic rifle at us. Due to my magnificent driving, I was able to get us both out alive but then the dream continued and we were on the run from this dude for a long time (with my mom). It wasn't fun!

That's all. This isn't very deep but hey, it's what is going on in my world at the moment. Ok, I'm off to refill my water bottle!


Amanda said...

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was in my car dropping my husband off at work with the kids in the back and I got in the drivers seat and there was a suspicious man standing around, well I look down to turn on the car and when I look back up he's pointing a gun at me and shot me... I died. That was NOT fun. I wasn't able to sleep very well the next couple of days.

But, the reason I am commenting is the thirsty thing: You should have your blood sugar levels checked. When my husband was 12 the only symptoms he had for his diabetes was he was thirsty all hours of the day/night and he urinated a lot more.

It could just be dehydration though. If its only now and then and you feel fine otherwise then you should be okay. If you are having headaches and feeling awful you might want to see a doctor.

Ben said...

You know I have weird dreams and bad dreams often and sometimes I wonder if its cause I haven't had enough water since I can drink a lot of soda sometimes or maybe its cause I eat sometimes before I go to bed (still can't get that college mentality out of my head, lol) and I think its something else and I guess sometimes it just boils down to having too much on my mind or thinking about one particular thing and then having a strange or bad dream about it.

You have been talking a lot about your daughter getting older and just thinking and reflecting on the year so that could be part of it.

Who knows. I still think were all a little crazy sometimes. lol. :)

Jaime said...

Amanda, I actually checked into possible causes of thirst but I don't have any other symptoms. I might get it looked at in the future.

Ben, I don't drink soda (more than a few times a year) and I rarely eat after 7pm. I definitely think that it has something to do with too much thought process!