Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Dilemma

If you're a man and don't want to read about breastfeeding and pumping, stop here!

I'm having a milk crisis (again, I know). I have been hanging on by a thread but this may be the end of the road. No, not the end of the road for breastfeeding but the end of the road for breastmilk being the ONLY liquid that Abigail has ever consumed (a few sips of water here and there).

I just cannot pump enough for her to drink and she's not drinking any more than usual. The main problem was that darn flu. Not only could I not keep any liquids in my body, but I was also breastfeeding through it (expelling more liquids), and traveling 15 hours in the car . . . with a baby . . . and probably got dangerously dehydrated. I can only pump between one and two ounces at a time.

I have tried everything . . . drinking more water, drinking the special tea, eating more oatmeal, taking a fenugreek supplement. Nothing is working at this point. If you have suggestions beyond what I have listed above, I'd love to hear them.

I wanted to make it to her first birthday before trying juice or cow's milk but we might not make it. I have about three or four bags frozen so we might make it. We'll see.

Yes, I know I'm being radical here . . . that most kids drink juice way before now but this was a goal I set and really wanted to make. We'll see what happens.

Breastfeeding seems to be going just fine when there is no pumping involved. Abigail seems satisfied after I feed her, etc, so we'll keep going for a while with that, until self-weaning occurs (or a reasonable amount of time passes).

I have to admit . . . I cannot wait to be done with pumping!!!


ginabnina said...

Good luck to you!!

We're trying to do much the same thing with Lily -- no cow's milk, no juice, no formula. (I have given in a little, as I use formula to mix her cereals.) We're giving her very small quantities of water so she can learn to drink from a cup.

And I completely understand the desire to be done with pumping!!

Arielle said...

Brewer's Yeast?

Also, you can go straight to rice milk instead of cow milk. :0)

We never did formula. They did not get cow milk till much later. They started the rice milk at 11 months. They both decided on their own to stop nursing at 11 months. Odd, I thought.

Jaime said...

Abigail has had a renewed interest in breastfeeding, so we're going to keep going. I thought about Rice milk but I'm concerned about her getting enough fat. Perhaps if she just had rice milk when she's away from me, it would be ok.