Sunday, January 11, 2009


This weekend has been full of productivity on my part. It all started on Thursday when I cleaned the kitchen because we had someone coming over. It ended up that this person cancelled on us so I was left with a clean kitchen, not bad.

I got a cleaning bug on Friday! I mean I moved chairs, couches, the coffee table, etc to vacuum under them (and it was needed). I washed the couch slip cover, did about 5 loads of laundry, cleaned out the dishwasher, scrubbed the counters, cleaned the microwave and cook top, cleaned the oven door (need to clean the actual oven), swept and mopped the kitchen, etc, etc.

It is amazing how one clean room leads into others. It feels so much easier to keep the kitchen and living room clean rather than to get it clean from an utter mess, so I'm determined to keep it up. My next project is the entry way. The paint needs touched up (from when we had the drywall patched, almost 2 years ago), the door needs painted (for the first time), and the trim needs caulked. I have the door taped so it's ready to be painted. That's half the battle, I hope.

This weekend Abigail has definitely shown her dad and I that she's pretty spoiled when it comes to naps. She hasn't napped well all weekend. The only time she does is when I almost nurse her to sleep and the quickly lay her down. I DO NOT want to get into the frustrating habit again. I KNOW she can put herself to sleep in her crib and so I need to let her do it. She actually didn't nap on Friday morning because I refused to coddle her to sleep. Oh, she knows what she's doing. I ended up going into her room many times to pick up the 10+ pacifiers that she has thrown out of her crib. She knows that will get me to come in. I decided to be smarter than the 11-month-old and clipped a pacifier to her blankie, which she won't throw out of the crib. No excuse for me to go in there now. She's currently "trying" to go down for a nap. She was SO drowsy while nursing but perked up when I laid her in the crib. We have got to get back into our good rhythm of napping. She got a bit spoiled on our recent trip to KS (we let her sleep with us one night!) and so we've got to mean business! It's for her own good. She's so much happier when she's well rested (and when momma's not utterly frustrated by hours of putting-to-sleep).

Well, have a great week everyone.

Ah, a semi-clean house!


Anonymous said...

Can you please come clean my house? I have plenty of time but no motivation. :)

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

Um, your house is clean, Mom!