Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'll try to not be so boring!

Wow, most of my recent posts are quite boring. Don't you agree?! Anyway, I'll try to not be quite so boring in the future. I'm finally feeling back to normal and even have a clean kitchen and living room at home. The upstairs is close to being clean so I should get that accomplished tonight. Yeah! So, in attempt to hold your interest (ha ha), I'll post more pictures from our Christmas Adventure!!

Grandpa's New Tractor (my dad)

Me, Abigail, Grandpa Fairchild (my dad), and Uncle Brett (my brother) by the new tractor.

Abigail and her grammy (my mom)!

Uncle Brett reads to Abigail. She seriously sat there for like 10 or 15 minutes. A record!

Grandpa Fairchild reading to Abigail.

Abigail and her new monkey that her grandma (my mom) made her for Christmas. She's not so sure about it yet.

Abigail is getting reacquainted with Aunt Jean and Uncle Joe (my Great Aunt and Uncle).

Grandma is reading to Abigail while Mommy and Daddy rest!

Grandpa and Abigail watch Sound of Music before bed. She was so mello! Andrew and I were still not feeling good so she was pretty used to Grandpa and Grandma by this point. I think Grandpa was in heaven here!

The day we left Kansas. Why am I the one who looks so bad when we were all sick? Abigail was sharing her pacifier with Daddy (made for a sweet picture!). She been trying to share it with lots of people and I'm constantly trying to stop her!

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Arielle said...

So its the paci sharing that got y'all sick ya know!