Thursday, June 04, 2009

Working, Working, Working!

That seems like all we do these days! I keep waiting for summer to arrive and then I realized . . . it is here! It sure feels different now than it did when I was a kid. We don't really have a "school year" in our household to mark the change. I still have to work the same hours, etc. Of course, I do enjoy all things summer related: swimming, watermelon, popsicles, just being outside, travel, etc.

Andrew's business is going quite well. In addition to working for his former company (which I guess is not really his former company), he also works for two others doing computer/web type stuff. Also, as of next Tuesday, he will officially be a college "instructor" although I find it more amusing to go around and call him "professor". He is quick to correct me, however. Anyway, I am helping him with several business related items, as well as trying to keep the house, garden, and child in line so none of that responsibility has to fall on his busy shoulders.

I have been making a cleaning "to-do" list that only schedules for me to work an hour each evening on cleaning the house and gardening. So far, I have been able to keep up with that. An hour seems manageable.


I was in bed reading last night and suddenly felt overwhelmed but all of the things that I want to teach my daughter. Lately I have felt so sick of our consumerism, mine and just our nation in general! I want to teach her to be happy with what she has, to be grateful, not to constantly have to clamor after meaningless and pointless "stuff" in life. I want to teach her and guide her to know that following God's will for her life, even though it may not be the most comfortable or enjoyable thing is the BEST and most JOYFUL place to be.

I want to teach her that taking care of herself is a good thing, yet being obsessed with it to the point of it consuming her life is not what this life is supposed to be about. I want to teach her that happiness is good, that she probably won't always feel happy, that choosing to be joyful is the best way. I know that parenting is just a daily, hourly, moment-by-moment process but I still feel the weight of the uphill battle in-front of us. Leading by example is the hardest part!

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