Friday, June 19, 2009

Just for the record . . .

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. In a few months, I do believe I will be getting my own computer at home and will have access to videos and pictures and such that I can post. In the mean time, you'll just have my ramblings.

Just for the record:

1) I LOVE my midwives office. I love them for many reasons that are probably too numerous to write out here but my #1 reason is that they have yet to mention the words "weight", "gain", "vegetables", "fruit", or "salad". And, yes, I do eat those things so why I am I still gaining? I don't think I'll hit the same number that I did with Abigail. That's the goal anyway.

2) I do believe we are headed towards the finish line with nursing. Abigail is just losing interest. If I don't offer, she doesn't ask very often. If she does ask, she doesn't nurse for more than 30 seconds to a minute before she is interested in doing something else. Who knew that this big change would be harder on me than on her (I have got to quit crying!)? We could probably be done this week if I pushed just a little (never offered it) but is it really time yet?

3) I love my husband! Having him laid up for a week with pain was no walk in the park but it had a few bright spots. 1) I got to see him (he works a lot and even though he makes time for us, it's just not the same as having him to myself for days). 2) I got to really listen to him and figure out a few more ways that I can show my love and help him out!

4) There were some cute things in the ultrasound that I didn't mention yesterday. Our girl was breech (which isn't a problem at this point) and was really sitting up in my tummy (bottom down, not feet). She was reclined back with her hands behind her head and her ankles crossed. What a proper little lady! I also hope that this is an indication of a very relaxed and easy going personality! :)


Anonymous said...

Lol. That is so cute. She is just relaxing in there waiting to grow and come out! Now, if I could just have a girl at some point, we could have a little "cousin Laura" in the family :)


Jaime said...

You'll have to get to work on that. Laura is only 11 mo. younger than me.