Friday, June 05, 2009

Riding with Abigail *Updated*

Here is a little video of what it is like to ride home with Abigail in the car from the sitters house. She was talking to herself the whole way. And yes, I am driving. However, I turned on my camera phone while we were at a stop sign and just aimed it in the back seat. I was watching the road, I promise. I love hearing her talk!


We're having a great day today. Abigail let me sleep in until 7 am (she's been getting up around 6:15 or earlier most mornings), and we had a lovely time playing, breakfast, playing and cleaning out the toy box, and then we vacuumed and cleaned her room. I couldn't believe how full her toy box was of toys that are way too babyish for her now. She has also never showed an interest in stuffed animals (except the babydoll and monkey) so I put all the others away for another time or another child to play with.

There is a new 3 1/2 month old at Abigail's sitters house this week. Abigail has been so obsessed with him. Patting him and trying to share her toys. Today she has been constantly playing with her babydoll and even wanted the dolly to sit with her at breakfast. I hope this is all a good sign for the future!

After Abigail's nap we will go to Children's hospital to have her tested for food allergies. I have had mixed feelings about this. I'm pretty sure she is allergic to peanuts but I don't want to be testing her unnecessarily, since they have to draw blood (poor girl, I'm already feeling teary about this). However, after talking to Andrew last night, we feel that it's probably better to find out about the allergies, even if she has to have her blood drawn. She is young and resilient and hopefully won't even remember that this has happened after a few minutes. I hope I'm strong enough to do this alone. I don't do well with medical or blood related things anyway! Oh well. I'm sure we'll make it through.


The blood draw wasn't bad. Yes, they took it out of her arm. She cried a little bit but mainly because it was a male nurse drawing the blood and he was touching her. I think the arm band hurt her a little bit because she quit crying when he took it off. She was smiling and waving by the time we had even left the lab area. I am glad that it's over. Now we wait for results.

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Laura said...

Good luck with the blood tests! I hope all goes well, and it will be good for you to know if/what allergies she has.
I loved the video! She is quite the talker. :)