Monday, June 15, 2009

It wasn't like this before . . .

I wrote this post right before Andrew messed up his back. Oh my goodness, this is so much more true now, so I thought I'd post it and then I'll give an update. Enjoy my ramblings:


I have been SO emotional during this pregnancy. It feels so foreign to me not to be able to hold my tears in until I get to a private place and to feel like crying over the silliest things. So if you're around me and I'm crying, just ignore me. Please. Touching or talking can only make it worse!

Could it be a boy that is making his mama all emotional? We are going to find out next Wednesday.

I decided to find out the gender. I don't think I can wait!


Ok, I'm back. It's so true. I am so much more emotional this time around. I was even crying at High School Musical 3, which we watched yesterday afternoon. I mean . . . give me a break! Since last Wednesday, I have also been feeling so sad for my husband and his pain. Add to that the fact that Andrew really doesn't enjoy being taken care of. Seriously, he likes to do for himself.

Andrew is still pretty bad and was unable to go to work today. I hope he gets enough to eat without me around today! I managed to, sort of, hold things together throughout the weekend. I still have laundry today (although I got the sheets changed), need to mow the front yard, have a stack of dishes that can't go much higher, and my bathrooms need serious attention! I hate when my house is like this.

I'm working on logistics for Wednesday. I have to leave work around lunch. What do I do with my daughter? Take her? Leave her in daycare? Find someone else to watch her? What do I do with my husband? Take him? Leave him? He can stay by himself, I think. Can he go? Does he need to work? Can he work by then?

I feel frazzled and overwhelmed. I'm being helped out a bit today by the soothing sounds of John Rutter (Te Deum - for those of you who know). I feel so much better than I did 30 minutes ago.


Jennifer said...

I ended up having to take Anna to almost all of my appointments and she did really good (but then, she always did really good with sitting and waiting and being quiet). At the time, my SIL was still working. Occassionally I could leave her with Jamie on his day off, but usually had to take her with me. My OB's office had a great play room for her to play in while we waited (I just had to make sure and tell her when we got there "when they call my name, we have to go back to see the doctor" otherwise we'd have trouble getting her out of there!") and they had a basket of toys in every room. My 2 pregnancies were night & day different. My hormones were all over the map with Jacob (they were w/ Anna, too, but more so w/ Jacob). I was a lot grumpy-moody with Jacob, if that makes sense! I also knew right away (w/in days of conception!) that I was pregnant w/ Jacob. I didn't have a clue until I was a week late with Anna and even then, it was a few more weeks before I had morning sickness. I had it worse with Jacob.
Anyway, all that to pregnancies were VERY different from almost day 1! :) Praying for Andrew's back. That has to be hard on all of you!

Jaime said...

Ugh! I really hate being emotional all the time. Such a weird thing for me. Usually I am very able to control myself, at least until I'm in private!

I haven't had to take Abigail to an appointment yet, but I feel that my time is coming. I'm sure she'd do fine, especially if is a good time of day (not during nap time). Anna was a little older than Abigail, though, I think.

Yes, this back thing has been rough. Definitely stretching how we communicate and understand each other. Not easy stuff!

Jennifer said...

Anna was 18 mo. when I got pregnant w/ Jacob.